How many the newborn has to sleep

How many the newborn has to sleep

Dream of the newborn baby – one more reason for parental nervousness. The dream duration, night awakenings, conditions for good rest of the baby – all these questions are very relevant for mom and dad.

Dream of babies (1 – 3 month)

Time which the baby spends in a dream directly depends on its age. The child becomes more senior, the longer he is awake. Newborn babies sleep very much, till 18-20 o'clock in day. In the first month the healthy kid wakes up only to eat. Between a dream and feeding passes usually 2-3 hours.

Over time dream duration gradually decreases, and the baby begins to show interest in the world around. He attentively examines mother's face, the bed and the toys which are tied up to it. But at this age the baby quickly is tired therefore its dream still takes a lot of time.

The best dream in the afternoon is a dream in the fresh air. It is possible to walk with the baby practically in any weather, excepting days when air temperature falls below minus 15 wasps.

If parents have no opportunity or time to come for walk, quite good option for the newborn – a dream in a carriage on the balcony.

Duration of a dream of the baby aged from 3 up to 6 months

At this age the kid is more active: crools, tries to grab rattles and begins to turn over on a stomach. The total number of a dream decreases a little, till 18 o'clock in day though everything individually and depends on the specific child. Day regimen of the newborn approximately following: wakefulness – food – wakefulness – a dream. Duration of a dream is about 2-2.5 hours.

How many the child aged from 6 up to 12 months sleeps

In 6 months many children already independently sit, and by a year - go. Time of a dream is reduced, increases total of hours for games and development of the kid. Meals are not connected with a dream any more, the kid eats five times a day. Closer by a year of the child stack on a daytime sleep 1-2 times a day. The general time of a dream is per day 15-16 hours. Important conditions for good rest of the child are fresh air and normal humidity in the room. Before going to bed surely air the room, optimum temperature for the baby in room 20-22oC. Favorable level of humidity in the room of 40-65%. At small children the temperature exchange happens differently, than at adults. If air is too dry, there can be problems with mucous membranes of the upper airways and the baby will uneasily sleep.

Ways to increase humidity of air in the house — to use a household humidifier, to increase quantity of house plants and to regularly carry out damp cleaning in rooms.

Sharp sounds, hunger, thirst, uncomfortable position, not comfortable temperature in the room (heat, closeness) can be the reasons of night awakenings and an uneasy dream of the kid. Eliminate the irritating factor, and the baby will oversleep till the morning.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team