How not to think of the guy

How not to think of the guy

Just remarkably, when people love each other, and the short quarrel is followed by happy reconciliation. But it happens so that the girl needs to forget about the guy. Perhaps, he stopped loving her, without having given up any hopes to return former feelings, or proved not from the best side, and parting was the best exit. But to banish constant thoughts of it happens very difficult.

How to get rid of traces of the left feeling

To stop thinking about the guy, it is necessary to exclude any communication with it, first of all. And, not only personal, but also phone conversations, and correspondence in social networks. For some time it is better to cease to communicate with mutual friends or, at least, to ask them not to mention it in a conversation. If in the house there are its photos and gifts, it is necessary to get rid of them as soon as possible. Options can be different: to return to it, to destroy or, pain will not settle yet, to lodge to the girlfriend or relatives.

However it is much simpler to get rid of gifts, than of thoughts. For this purpose himself needs to find interesting business by means of which it will be possible to distract. Best of all to be engaged in it in the company as the loneliness will constantly cast memoirs and gloomy thoughts. Besides, having been engaged in something new, it is possible to get acquainted with new people and who knows, perhaps, to meet the destiny. Then thoughts of the past of hobby will disappear by itself.

What to do if thoughts haunt

If thoughts of the left love still haunt, it is better to remember not the pleasant romantic moments, but its defects and shortcomings which caused feeling of irritation earlier. You should not listen to the slow and sad melodies having strong impact on the emotional sphere and disposing to romantic memoirs. It is possible to be engaged in aerobics, swimming, to begin to visit gym. Physical activities will cause fatigue and will help to muffle anguish. If there is such opportunity – better for a while to leave, go to a travel on which it will be possible to receive the mass of new impressions.

Of course, to stop thinking about darling, certain time is required. The main thing is to understand that sooner or later it surely will pass. The emotional dependence will not last eternally, it is necessary to suffer and wait the difficult period only a little. However, this way is the longest and psychologically quite heavy. Therefore it is better after all to try to switch to something else. It is not necessary to blame himself for the incident at all. After all, each person in the life makes many mistakes. Never it is necessary to lose faith in what will manage to be met sooner or later that only thing with which it will be possible to live long and happy life, and the current experiences will consign to the past and will raise only an ironical smile.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team