How quickly to gather in a stomach after the delivery

How quickly to gather in a stomach after the delivery

Without doubts, each woman dreams to have a slim, beautiful figure and the tightened tummy. In youth, of course, any girl does not think of it, but early, or late there comes the time when she becomes a mom. During pregnancy the woman gathers many extra kilos which after the delivery leave the undesirable mark on sides, a stomach and buttocks. However it is possible to become the owner of an attractive figure again as soon as possible.


1. Try to eat properly. It is desirable to reduce to a minimum in a diet fat, smoked and high-calorie products. It will do good not only to your figure, but also the child whom you nurse. Also it is not necessary to overeat. Eat as much as possible green and red vegetables, fruit, fowl and fish. During the day use at least 2 liters of water.

2. Avoid a stress. Stresses and disorders often deliver to the person a great deal of trouble, one of which - excess weight. In stressful situations, in a human body the hormone level - cortisol which destroys muscles and worsens a metabolism increases, stimulating adjournment of fat in problem places.

3. Carry out any physical activities. It is important to remember that homework performance, such as mopping without the aid of a mop, wiping of dust in hard-to-reach spots, will favorably be reflected in your figure. The tummy will be done by any physical activities good - fast walking, rope jumping, classes with a hoop. Remember that when you twist a hoop - in muscles of a stomach the blood circulation and a metabolism improves. Try to find time for daily traditional exercises: inclinations forward, back, to the right, to the left; raising of legs from situation - lying on a back; a case raising with simultaneous pulling up of knees to a breast, and that similar.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team