How to add weight at pregnancy

How to add weight at pregnancy

There are many councils how not to gain weight during pregnancy. And there is almost nothing how to take him. Meanwhile, the low increase of body weight during pregnancy is adverse sign. What to do if weight does not increase or you lose weight? Follow some rules and recommendations.

It is required to you

  • - observation of the doctor;
  • - healthy nutrition;
  • - special vitamin complexes for pregnant women;
  • - physical exercises for pregnant women.


1. Be registered in clinic for women. The gynecologist will conduct necessary researches and will direct if necessary to consultation to other experts. Quite often during pregnancy of the woman have gestoses. At the same time many sicken and lose appetite. With vomiting liquid and mineral substances is lost, and at severe toxicoses the weight can be lost. At severe toxicosis it is recommended to eat in the morning dry cracker or to swallow of small pieces of ice. The monthly measurements of body weight taken in clinic for women will help to prevent undesirable consequences of toxicoses in time.

2. Adhere to healthy nutrition. Do not eat with no drink and irregularly. The healthy nutrition will help to solve a problem of loss and a shortage in weight. Try to eat often, but a little. Eat more fruit and vegetables, low-fat meat and dairy products and also fish and seafood. Proteinaceous food will help to gain weight as soon as possible. See a doctor, he will make for you the approximate menu for a week.

3. Surely accept special vitamin and mineral complexes. Sometimes intake of such medicines just helps easily and to solve this problem. Dietary supplements and complexes compensate for the deficiency of the necessary substances, food begins to be acquired well, and your weight will grow. There are special power complexes which are allowed for use to pregnant women. Components of such medicines participate in formation and normal development of a brain and nervous system of the child. Fill the expenses of an organism of the pregnant woman spent for incubation of the kid.

4. Walks will help you to work up appetite. Regularly make foot walks in the fresh air, lead active lifestyle.

5. Sign up for courses on aerobics or yoga for pregnant women. Physical activities also promote a body weight increase. Besides you will prepare the organism for childbirth.

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