What documents are necessary for discharge from maternity hospital

What documents are necessary for discharge from maternity hospital

The birth of the kid - a joyful event. And discharge from maternity hospital is a concerning event for young mom. With impatience she expects the moment when is able to share happiness with the family and to show the kid. Before being discharged from maternity hospital, mom has to receive all necessary documents. They are made out by medical personnel and are issued in day of an extract.


1. Birth certificate. In maternity hospital from the certificate tear off the second coupon. It is the basis for transfer to establishment of means for delivery of health care to the woman in labor. At an extract the certificate is returned. In it there are two coupons on fee of the local pediatrician. The first coupon pays services for the first half of the year, the second - for the next six months.

2. Discharge from maternity hospital. It contains full information on the rodorazresheniye course, on the carried-out procedures, given about the weight and growth of the child, results of the carried-out tests and analyses and also about the done vaccination. You will give an extract to the local pediatrician later. This document will be stored in the medical record of the child.

3. Prenatal record. The maternity hospital enters information on the course of childbirth and on the child in it. It in a week will be required to be carried to the gynecologist at whom you were registered. This card is necessary for the reporting of clinic for women. At the same time the gynecologist performs inspection to exclude possible complications after the delivery.

4. Certificate of the child's birth. It certifies the fact of the birth of the kid. In it date of birth, the surname, a name and a middle name of the child and a name of the doctor-obstetrician who delivered are written down. On the basis of the reference the birth certificate in bodies the REGISTRY OFFICE is granted. And also it is the basis for delivery of a lump sum. Period of validity of the reference is limited one month.

5. The certificate on inoculations of the child which contains data on vaccination done in maternity hospital. This document is not obligatory for an extract. In some regions the certificate on inoculations is brought later by the local nurse.

6. Birth certificate of the child. It is the document, not obligatory for an extract, but it can be demanded in some maternity hospitals. Number of the certificate and a name of the child bring in an extract.

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