How to bring up the difficult child

How to bring up the difficult child

Often parents face a problem of education of difficult children. The difficult child - a concept volume: aggressive, greedy, whining and the liar – all this difficult children. To each kid it is necessary to find the approach, the way of a way out. How to affect behavior of liars and visionaries? The world of the child is filled with both real, and fantastic events. The kid dreams to stay the wizard and begins to dream. Having played, he also does not remember any more where his imagination and where reality.


1. Children begin to invent at the age of 3-4 years, in 5-6 years turn into visionaries. They both trust and do not believe that at night toys go and talk while all sleep. Plots for games become real: pistols shoot and strike the enemy, dolls are ill and want to eat. Actually it is not deception, but imaginations of the kid which speak about his good imagination. But sometimes children invent something to fill emptiness in the inner world.

2. If your child dreams, do not accuse him of lies. Look for the reason, try to understand why the kid dreams. For example, he imagined himself the athlete and the winner of enemies if he is weak physically. Or the daughter tells how Buratino got into "quiet time" under a bed and made laugh all.

3. Send imagination of the child to creativity – let the kid will draw invented by it. Thus his imagination can turn into literary or art "masterpiece". But sometimes the baby instead of overcoming difficulties, goes to the invented world, turning into the empty dreamer. Such children should remind of affairs and "to return on the earth".

4. But lies is much more dangerous than imagination and parents are guilty that the child lies. At first they demand from it that he always told the truth, and having heard, punish or abuse. Therefore the kid has thoughts of how to invent, use cunning or keep back. For him it is a way of self-defense.

5. Happens, children lie to bypass the bans of adults for achievement of the purpose. And sometimes deception – unwillingness to peach or a way not to give secrets of friends (that meets also at adults). Abuse the kid less, and he will have less reasons to lie to you. Think what your act could push him to a lie.

6. Do not set an example, for example, you do not ask to tell by phone that you there is no house. Try to keep the promises if it is not possible, then explain to the kid why, but not just wave away. You praise the child. Over time you will cope with a deception problem, the most important - your desire. Pathological liars who are useless to be brought up – units.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team