How to change to the child a surname after the divorce

How to change to the child a surname after the divorce

After the divorce you decided not only to get rid of a surname of the ex-husband, and also to change surnames of children? It is quite possible. Of course, the consent of the ex-spouse in most cases is required. However there are situations when it is possible to do without it. How to work to do all necessary quickly and without excess delays?

It is required to you

  • - passport;
  • - birth certificates of children;
  • - divorce certificate;
  • - passports of children (if they already were 14 years old).


1. First of all, try to convince the father of children to resolve them to replace his surname with yours (and it is possible, with a surname of the stepfather). The written permission certified by its signature will be required.

2. If the father objects, at the same time carrying out parental responsibilities in relation to children, you should reconcile to the fact that you and your offsprings will carry different surnames up to their majority.

3. However if the former spouse evades from the parental responsibilities including from keeping of children, it is deprived of the parental rights or is unknown is absent, the procedure for change of a name can be carried out without its consent. For this purpose it is necessary to file the corresponding petition to guardianship authorities.

4. Having got permission, address in a regional REGISTRY OFFICE. There it will be required to provide birth certificates of children, the written consent of the father or permission given by guardianship authorities, the divorce certificate, your passport, passports of children (if they already were 14 years old) and the statement for change of a name. It is possible to look at the corresponding forms of statements in the REGISTRY OFFICE.

5. For consideration of documents the month will leave. You come on the appointed day on the REGISTRY OFFICE with the passport. If your children are more senior than 14 years, their presence and passports will be required. To you will grant the certificate on change of a name. It will be required to replace and birth certificates of children – for this purpose it is necessary to submit the separate application.

6. If replacement of the passport is necessary, your child has to file to a passport office the corresponding petition in a month. It is necessary to attach the certificate on change of a name, the document certifying the residence, 2 photos and the receipt on payment of the state fee to it.

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