How to choose a car seat for the newborn child

How to choose a car seat for the newborn child

It is forbidden to transport the child on hands in the car in Russia. It means that even from maternity hospital it is necessary to take away the kid in a special automobile chair. It increases safety of transportation in case of accident. Today the choice of car seats for the child is huge, but it is necessary to stop on the most convenient specifically for you.

All chairs are divided by age. 2 views are suitable for the newborn: 0 and 0+. Both is suitable for transportation, but possesses some pluses and minuses. Each family will decide for itself, what will be more convenient.

Chair with a mark "0"

This children's chair is similar to a cradle. It is designed in such a way that the kid is inside in situation almost lying. Stay completely in a horizontal look is forbidden according to safety measures. The chair allows to place the child so that there is no load of a backbone, the head adheres. As at this time there is a formation of bone and cartilaginous tissue, the back is not deformed, and it is very important.

The chair for the newborn fastens on a back seat, takes two passenger seats. The child takes seat there sideways in the direction of travel. At the same time situation is very well fixed and specially the head keeps. Such chair can be used only about one year. It is relevant if you plan to take out often the kid somewhere. The maximum weight which the child can have — 10 kg. This chair is conveniently fixed in the car. More often is not figurative, it is necessary to take out every time of the child from a cradle. Transfer together with a chair is possible not in all options. Specify construction features in shops. And upon purchase make sure that automobile belts will be able to fix the similar mechanism, reliably it will be held. Sometimes to have to extend seat belts that the chair was located.

Chair with a mark "0+"

This chair is suitable for longer period. From weight in 3 kg up to 15 kg. It means it will serve almost up to 2 years. At the same time it is located a back to the course of the movement. Can fasten as on a front seat if safety cushions, and on back are disconnected. Why not face forward? Because at sharp braking it is possible to damage cervical department of a backbone, for children it is inadmissible. Position of the child inside — semi-sitting. It is optimum when the child is already able to sit, in it it is not too convenient to the newborn. But many parents claim that absolutely small child seldom somewhere is taken, and here since a year it is possible to travel together. And such chair is more convenient. Often children's chair of this kind is figurative. It is easy to unfasten it and if the kid fell asleep, then it is not necessary to awake him. The special handle allows to move a chair without problems. Also recommend to unfasten it when outside the window a frost. A case it is better to take the device in it home then not to put the child in a cold car seat. At the price such option does not differ from the first, and functionality much more. It is possible to exploit him as carrying, a stool or a rocking chair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team