How to choose a club for the child

How to choose a club for the child

One of the most popular sports at boys of all age is the hockey. And the main tool without which any hockey match, of course, a club is impossible. To choose a club for the child – a task, at first sight, very simple. Actually, it is necessary to approach the choice of this hockey attribute very responsibly.


1. First of all, choosing a club for the child, pay attention to material of which any given tool is manufactured. The children's clubs made of composite materials are considered as the most qualitative and strong. They have a cast design and rather small weight. Classical wooden clubs and the combined clubs which design both the tree, and plastic enters enjoy wide popularity. And here refuse acquisition of the tool for playing hockey manufactured of plywood better.

2. Very attentively examine a surface of the club which was pleasant to you. It has to be equal and smooth, without chips, cracks and jags. Pay attention to how the club is painted. Paint on the surface of the tool has to lie an even layer, without smudges, gleams and spots.

3. It is very important to pick up length of a children's club correctly. The tool in vertical position has to reach to the young hockey player a chin. If owing to any circumstances you cannot take the child in shop, measure distance from a floor to his chin of the house.

4. Children's clubs can be with left and with the right bend, in other words, with the left or right successful fellow. To learn what option suits your child easily. Just ask it to take a club and observe position of his hands. If the right hand is lower left, then the successful fellow right and vice versa. Buy the beginning hockey player a club with a direct hook, without bend. Over time the boy himself will understand what hold is more convenient for it.

5. Surely look where the area of a bend on the tool which was pleasant to you is located: on a sock, in the middle or on a hook heel. Give preference to a club with a bend at the middle of a hook.

6. Pay attention and to a sock of a hook of a children's club. It can be round, square or rectangular with the rounded-off corners. If your child – the beginner in hockey, give preference to a hook with a round sock.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team