How to choose winter overalls for the kid

How to choose winter overalls for the kid

The children's overalls do not know several decades the competition. The beautiful, comfortable and functional clothes are pleasant to both the kid, and parents. The modern industry offers a set of styles from various materials, from "sleeping bags with sleeves" for babies to teenage sports semi-overalls. But most often such clothes are worn by children of baby and preschool age. Upon purchase it is necessary to consider features of material, accessories and some other moments.

The first winter clothes

Overalls for the smallest meet on sale quite often. Many young parents prefer such clothes. Time for preparation for walk is spent less, the risk decreases that the child will overheat at home or will be developed in a carriage. On sale you can meet kombinezonchik in the form of a sleeping bag on one or two lightnings. The most popular forms of the lower part – a rectangle or a trapeze. The infantile overalls extending from top to bottom have that advantage that the diaper, having increased in volume, does not cause to the kid of troubles. The style with two lightnings is more convenient.

Pay special attention to a hood. On it there have to be couplers to adjust by the head size. Overalls from solid producers are usually completed with mittens and shoes from the same material. If you want the child to carry by the first winter clothes at least to steam of seasons, choose transforming overalls because the simple bag with sleeves in half a year should be postponed for future brothers little sisters or to give to acquaintances.

Heaters and covering

Overalls for children of early age and preschool children do on sintepon, holofiber, isosoftware. Sintepon is cheap, but quickly wears out so two other options are more preferable. These are the light and comfortable clothes developed for high quality athletes. Having seen on the label that the overalls are made with use of these fillers, carefully examine seams. If the trademark is not forged, you by all means will find the sewed label with the corresponding name. Apply such fabrics as polyester to a covering, nylon, a kordura, hem flowed, polypropylene, etc. Not blown "breathing" materials, like hemy tec or active most of all are suitable for the kid. Not really Bologna as in clothes of their this fabric the child very strongly sweats approaches. The lining can be fleece, from cotton fabric of type of a flannel, or polyester. Parents quite often give preference to fleece as it warm, but at the same time it is easy to look after him. Names of materials have to be specified on the label.

Conjoint or separate?

On sale it is possible to meet both conjoint overalls, and a set from semi-overalls or trousers on an elastic band and jackets. The conjoint option is more convenient for the child who the most part of walk sits in a carriage. If the kid actively moves itself, the set with semi-overalls is better. Length of trousers can be adjusted, having tightened or having released straps. The senior preschool child will like trousers on an elastic band and a jacket more. In all cases the jacket has to be long, to the middle of a hip. Track that the clothes were densely buttoned. Drawstrings or fasteners have to be on a hood, a neck, a waist, in the area of a bottom, on sleeves. Trousers can be on elastic bands or straps. The option with ties is more preferable to younger preschool children whom, adults generally dress, rivets are convenient for children of 6-7 years if, of course, they are well closed. Upon purchase pay attention, the lightning is how densely closed whether there is a valve protecting it from dampness whether is not present in overalls of openings between fasteners, valves, a lightning and a mouth, etc.

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