How to define concussion at the child

How to define concussion at the child

Concussion – quite widespread closed craniocereberal trauma at children. Symptoms are various, depending on age of the child. But diagnostics can all the same be carried out and it is necessary. How to define whether the victim has a concussion or not?


1. Kids at concussion very seldom faint. Right after a trauma they strongly cry, behave uneasily, then calm down and fall asleep. In the first night a dream at the injured child very disturbing. After a dream the kid with concussion usually refuses food and behaves whimsically.

2. After receiving concussion the child usually has a vomiting. Children of 3-4 years complain of the headache amplifying, weakening. At kids the headache usually passes for the second day after traumatizing, and at the senior children proceeds much longer.

3. It is difficult to define concussion at the child because of weak external symptoms. It is especially difficult to define presence of concussion at children under 3 years. Revival of reflexes and the lowered tone of muscles and vessels can be the only symptom of this trauma.

4. At children is more senior than 4 years at concussion the pupils react to light worse, the spontaneous horizontal movements of eyeballs and the general violation of their movement, weakness of the lower muscles of the person can be observed. The child can complain of dizziness, noise in ears.

5. For establishment of the diagnosis of concussion the manifestation of 2-3rd of above-mentioned symptoms is enough. If you revealed these signs in the child, it is necessary to call the ambulance urgently. Before arrival of the doctor of the child it is necessary to lay sideways, to undo clothes for breath simplification, on the head to put a cold compress.

6. Treatment of concussion is carried usually out in house conditions. During therapy the absolute rest is necessary for the child. He should not watch TV, listen to music, play. It is necessary to pace about the room as little as possible. At concussion it is not recommended even to talk.

7. Concussion at the child is dangerous by the possible consequences. Therefore at getting injured it is necessary to see in due time a doctor behind purpose of treatment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team