How to determine growth of a fruit

How to determine growth of a fruit

From the very first day as the kid arose in mother's womb, he begins to grow and develop actively. It is natural that each future mom wants to know how many grams and centimeters were added by her child. How to learn the fruit size on any given term of pregnancy?


1. Most precisely it is possible to learn growth of the kid by means of a method of ultrasonic diagnostics (ultrasonography). At normal course of pregnancy of ultrasonography do on 12, 22 and 32 weeks. T.e on these control screenings it is possible to learn about growth and weight of future child. However here too there are subtleties, for example, till 20th week of pregnancy growth of a fruit is measured from a darkness to a tailbone. It is connected with the fact that approximately till 20th week of a leg of the baby are bent in knees, and it is almost impossible to measure them. Therefore growth of a fruit on such term is designated as a tailbone - the parietal size or KTR abbreviation. If you want to learn growth of yours of the baby, look in results of the last ultrasonography and find this abbreviation, it also will be considered as growth of the kid.

2. After the 20th week of pregnancy growth of the child is measured from a darkness to heels. It fluctuates from 26 to 52 cm, depending on term. However ultrasonography can be also mistaken. There are such cases when before sorts ultrasonography showed growth of a fruit, for example, of 50 cm, and the child born on the same day was 52 cm. Errors in measurements can be connected with the outdated equipment and inexperience of doctors which conducted a research.

3. Also, to learn growth of a fruit, it is possible to use standard tables which contain data on development of the child during pregnancy. On the Internet of such tables great variety, it is possible to find them, having just entered search inquiry. The relevant data can also be found also in literature about pregnancy. If you could not learn about growth of a fruit on your term, you can take an interest about it on courses of preparation for childbirth or at the doctor who observes you. However you remember that each person is individual even then when he to be in a stomach at mom therefore standard tables can be taken only as a basis, but not the fact that your child will be such growth as there it is written.

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