How to determine paternity by DNA

How to determine paternity by DNA

Methods of genetic diagnostics allow with the 100% probability to tell who the real dad of the kid. Definition of paternity on DNA - not a rarity, but very widespread phenomenon. In legal practice the similar tests are used for confirmation of relationship in cases of alimony and inheritance, physicians resort to them, when it comes to organ transplantation.


1. You will be able to determine paternity by DNA, having taken a sample for a genetic research. Buy envelopes, them has to be on number of participants of the test. Sign each of them, at the same time specify who to whom whom is necessary. Write nationality - it is required when calculating probability of paternity.

2. Postpone meal, do not wash, you do not brush teeth, try not to smoke in two hours prior to the procedure. You can rinse a mouth water. If you take samples from the small child - give to drink him water or wait three hours after feeding.

3. Use a clean cotton tampon or a stick, wash up hands with soap or an anti-septic tank. Take a subject for the plastic basis and carry out 30-40 times on mucous cheeks. It should be done with pressing.

4. Wash up a saucer, put on it a stick with the received sample so that the cotton end did not adjoin to ware. Leave to dry for one or two hours. Do the same procedure with the second cheek. Put both sticks in an envelope and seal.

5. Start receiving samples of the following participant. Do everything step by step that to mix nothing. Put both envelopes in one big and send by mail or with the courier, but consider, for more reliable result, samples have to get to laboratory no later than two days from the moment of their fence.

6. Wait for test results. They are prepared within 3-6 working days. Can send them by mail, personally hand, send on the e-mail address, upload in a private office to the website laboratories, having given previously the password in the form of SMS on mobile or by phone. In case of the repeated address, biomaterial is stored within 6 months, but can be destroyed, depending on your desire.

7. Having received at least three discrepancies of DNA, you can consider with confidence that not your child. And here affirmative answer is reliable only for 99.999%. It so because physicians and scientists cannot hypothetically exclude existence of the monoovular twin of dad who can be the father of the specific child too. The genetics is not capable to establish which of them will possess the parental rights.

8. You can establish paternity at a stage of pregnancy of the woman. Technically it is simple, but the procedure is capable to lead to complications at yet not been born kid. From the 8th to the 12th week make a chorion biopsy, through a small puncture pinch off fibers from a fruit cover. From the 16th to the 22nd week suck away a few amniotic waters (amniocentesis). In the third trimester do blood sampling of an umbilical cord (kordotsentez). The procedure is performed only in laboratory and only the expert.

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