How to determine the bandage size

How to determine the bandage size

The bandage was carried during pregnancy still of mom and grandmothers. And it is unsurprising, it considerably facilitates life to the woman, reduces load of a backbone and internals, protects from emergence of extensions, saves from waist pains. But only correctly picked up bandage is capable to perform these functions.


1. The bandage is recommended to be carried, since 4-5 months of pregnancy when there is an active growth of a fruit. But it is not necessary to spend the whole day in it, it is recommended to take a break 30-40 minutes each 3-4 hours.

2. There are prenatal, postnatal and combined bandages. Carrying a prenatal bandage is especially useful for women who lead active lifestyle during pregnancy, a lot of time is walked or have diseases of a backbone, back pain. It is recommended also during repeated pregnancy when muscles of a belly wall become weaker.

3. The postnatal bandage is selected together with the doctor as there are contraindications for its carrying. It is not recommended to use such bandage to the women after Cesarean section having diseases of kidneys, digestive tract and also skin diseases. The combined bandage can be used as before childbirth, and later.

4. Any of these bandages has to be picked up for the size. Only in this case the advantage of it will be notable. To determine its size, it is necessary to measure a grasp of hips under a stomach. For the choice of a postnatal bandage measure a grasp directly on hips after the child's birth.

5. It is necessary to consider that different producers of linen have various dimensional grids. Sometimes they are guided not only by a grasp of hips, but also by a waist grasp and also growth and weight of the woman or clothing size. Therefore if you decided to get a bandage, attentively consider the size table which will be specified on packing.

6. Better, of course, if you measure a bandage directly upon purchase. Then you will be sure that it is ideal for you. If you decided to buy a postnatal bandage in advance, then you should be guided only according to size tables of producers.

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