How to develop attention at the child

How to develop attention at the child

The attention and ability to concentrate it are very important components in development of the child. Training process which lasts at the person all life is completely constructed on these abilities. Therefore, by the corresponding exercises, parents have to develop in the course of the game at the child attention if they want that he grew up in the successful adult.


1. One of versions is the visual attention which first of all participates in knowledge process. It is the best of all to make development of visual attention by means of colourful pictures. For example, it is possible to pick up similar, but not identical pictures and to ask the child find between them differences. It is also possible to suggest the child to consider a picture plot that he remembered and told what on it is represented. Well dot games which essence consists in connection of points and lines that the full drawing turned out develop visual memory.

2. The child nevertheless perceives the most part of information aurally. Therefore the task of parents is to teach the kid independently to keep attention on significant information. The easiest ways are reading, viewing children's performances and visit of the developing centers. However it is possible to develop acoustical attention and in the course of the game. Take objects with various invoices - a foil, a tree, water, etc. Ask the child to close eyes and to listen to what sound he hears - rustling, water transfusion, etc. It is important that the child understood from what subject the sound proceeds.

3. Development of observation is closely connected with development of attention. She best of all trains in the course of the group games. Suggest one child to look at appearance of another and to remember separate details. Then the kid turns away for a couple of minutes, and other participant changes arrangement of details or brings something new. A task of the remembered child to guess what changed and is not in the place. Well develop observation and associations. For example, tell the child what animal where lives also that eats that the kid could connect an object with its components.

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