How to develop attention at the school student

How to develop attention at the school student

After the birth of the kid any mom becomes both the physician, and the psychologist, and the logopedist, and the cook, and the tutor, and the teacher. Each of them is faced by a task to bring up the new member of society, to bring up so that in the future the child could thank the parents for the fine childhood, skills which were put from first months of life and in general for love, kindness and caress. But about everyone year of growing of the child before parents there are all new and new tasks and questions how to overcome them. Among such questions and this - how to develop attention at the school student?


1. All know that children of preschool and younger school age are very restless and to focus their attention on something certain, to force them to listen to something up to the end and the more so to sit out on one place, attentively realizing and analyzing heard, it is almost impossible. However it is worth paying attention and to contribute to the development of attention in kids. So, as it is correct to develop attention at the school student and that should be known.

2. A phrase "be attentive!" it is known to all of us. As it is more frightening sounds for children from lips of adults. On the one hand – it is correct, senior (adults) try to point by the morals to the child to his absent-mindedness, to his carelessness. But on the other hand, the child is attentive, only not from the point of view of parents, and in terms of the importance for most him. Playing with a doll and having dinner at the same time, the child, of course, will utter porridge as all his attention will be paid to a doll, a bear, the toy car with which he plays.

3. Parents, despite activity of tutors and teachers, need to pay independently to the child attention, to carry out with it small, but significant for it and development of its attention of exercise. For this purpose it is possible to use the special developing games of attentiveness which you without effort will be able to find in any children's shop. Thus, playing, the child will train the memory, the attentiveness, will concentrate at the interesting game and by that to form the assiduity.

4. In addition, parents can think out games of concentration and switching of attention for the children. For this purpose rather just to call some words, phrases, problems which will concentrate children on a certain circle of objects a certain meaning of the text, or and by that the child will play something else with you, without thinking that for it it is some kind of lesson on attentiveness. You remember: no teacher will be able to enclose in your child more, than you are.

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