How to develop intelligence of the child

How to develop intelligence of the child

The intelligence is an ability of the child to knowledge of the world around, ability to remember and do certain conclusions. To develop intelligence of the child, means to develop his informative abilities: memory, thinking, perception. Primary activity of the preschool child – a game which contributes to all-round development of intelligence of the child. In a game situation the child uses subject and role replacements (the chair turns into the car, the tower is under construction of cubes).


1. When to start occupation with the child? How to develop intelligence child? Such questions always concern young parents. Simple – begin the answer with the birth of the kid.

2. The newborn child begins to perceive the world through ours to it the relation. At this stage of development the attention, caress and love are necessary for the kid.

3. Constantly talk to the growing-up kid. You pronounce words accurately and distinctly. Call to it objects which surround it. Explain the various phenomena occurring around. Explain the actions. The child begins to learn surrounding reality.

4. Show multi-colored toys. At the same time call what they are colors. The child will learn to distinguish colors. Examine with him bright pictures, encourage any cognitive interest, you tell about everything on what the look of your kid stops. The one-year-old kid well knows names of many objects, parts of the body.

5. By three years you can start development of mental capacities. Buy the alphabetic set consisting of cards of letters, words, characters.

6. Begin with pictures, showing, call that or who is represented on it. The child will remember pictures, further spread out pictures the image down. Ask to find that on which, for example, a hare. The kid will perform a task, comparing the image imprinted by consciousness with the picture.

7. Further you pass to studying words. About reading there cannot be a speech yet. The child is capable to remember a word entirely. While you with it studied drawings, the kid remembered a card with the designated letter and a word.

8. Close the image a hand, ask to call the character. The child will be seldom mistaken and over time completely will sound a word entirely, will know in passing with what letter it begins.

9. Do not forget, it is possible to develop intelligence of the child at preschool age only in playful way. Having noticed that he distracts, switch to other type of activity. Play outdoor games.

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