How to teach the child to get down from a bed

How to teach the child to get down from a bed

In the first year of life the child develops surprisingly intensively: just amazingly, how many new he masters for such short period! But without the aid of the adult not to cost him. Even such simple ability how to get down from a bed or other high surface, demands a training under the careful management of the adult.

The ability to get down from a bed or other surface towering over a floor is required to the child when he not only surely creeps, but also is able to stand at least with a support. Independently it is quite difficult for kid to master this skill. The fact is that children at the age of about a year have no concept about danger of falling on a floor from a bed or a sofa yet. If he, being at height, sees something interesting on a floor, he acts logically from his point of view: turns to an object and begins to move in its direction. Having reached edge, it continues the movement, and it leads to falling. And, the child the head falls forward, and imperfect movements of handles are not capable to provide rather reliable protection during such "flight" and not too soft "landing" yet.

Therefore child it is necessary to teach to go down from a bed in the safe way available to it, but not too logical from his point of view, i.e. having turned over previously on a tummy and having given legs from edge of a bed. As well as other motor skills, the skill of descent not at once, and in several stages is formed.

Primary development of ability

To teach the child to go down from a bed, choose for a start correct "exercise machine": the surface from which the child will go down should not be too high, at most to a belt of the kid. It is even better if the edge of a surface is at such height on which the child can easily throw a leg. It is also best of all to choose a bed with soft edge that the child had no unpleasant feelings from sliding by a stomach on a firm corner. For a start perform this operation with the child together, by means of hands directing his movements and accompanying them with the verbal description of approximately following contents: - Now we with you will go down on a floor, there waits for us … (a bear, a doll, the machine).-Lay down on a tummy and give legs from a bed. Lean handles. - Try to reach a leg a floor. Got? Put the second leg. - Well done! At you it turned out! You got down from a bed! It is necessary to practice joint slezaniye not once until the child understands an algorithm of actions, and his body will not get used to carry out this sequence.

Formation of skill

When you make sure that the child without your hands carries out all sequence of actions, allow it to get down independently, reminding an algorithm of performance by words and insuring in case yet not created skill will misfire. When you make sure that the child surely and quietly gets down from a bed correctly, it is possible not to accompany his actions with words any more. Gradually the kid will be able to get down also from higher surfaces at first under observation of the adult, and then and absolutely independently. This way of descent is good the fact that it ensures safety of the child: even if the kid will not be able to keep on a bed surface, he will just smoothly slip on a floor, without having got at the same time bruises and other injuries.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team