How to disaccustom the child to breathe through the mouth

How to disaccustom the child to breathe through the mouth

Very often parents begin to pay attention that their children in a dream snuffle or simply snore. Oral breath at the child can become one of the undesirable reasons of this phenomenon.

Why harmfully to breathe through the mouth

In general, the human body is thought over to trifles, for example, breath by all means happens through a nose. There is it because cold or dry air, passing through nasal channels, is humidified and warmed. In fact, the nose serves as very powerful filter which detains dust and harmful microorganisms. Besides if to make breath directly through a mouth, then cold air, getting into a throat, can cause its inflammation.

When and why the child begins to breathe through the mouth

Really, the child should not breathe through the mouth. It can occur only when his nasal cavities are clogged, and it cannot make through them breath. Children can also breathe constantly through the mouth for other reasons. For example, in a type of a usual habit. It is possible to tell that it is very much an addiction which will strongly affect health of the child. All because at breath by a mouth, lungs open not completely, using at the same time only the top shares. For this reason, the organism will not receive the necessary portion of oxygen. From it anemia, a hypoxia, physical or intellectual backwardness can develop. Besides the shape of a face can change - it to become more extended, the nose bridge extends, and the upper lip is hitched constantly up up.

What to do when the child begins to breathe through the mouth

In case at night the child breathes through the mouth all the time, there can be a sleep disorder. For this purpose check whether is not present at the kid of cold. If the congestion of a nose was found, wash out it, it is possible even to dig vasodilating drops. Usually fault of this phenomenon dry air in the apartment is considered. Therefore slime in a nose dries up, and breath becomes complicated. In order that will get rid of this problem, clean a nose by means of oil and Q-tips. And further air the room more often, it will be even better if you get a humidifier for the room. If you do not find above-mentioned symptoms, but the child all the same continues to breathe through the mouth, surely reduce it on reception to the ENT SPECIALIST to the doctor, perhaps, it had an inflammation of adenoides.

How to disaccustom the child to breathe through the mouth

It is possible to avoid a similar habit by means of a "respiratory" game with the child. For example, covering one, other nostril, it is necessary to inhale them serially. But do not forget to watch at this gymnastics correctness of breath, a breath - through a nose, exhaled - through a mouth. Then the kid will get used and you will manage to avoid similar troubles.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team