How to disaccustom the child to constant watching TV

How to disaccustom the child to constant watching TV

Often happens so that mom is broken off between household chores, visits of shop and care for the small child to whom more and more attention is required. In such situation the TV becomes the real rescue.

Watching TV for the child becomes the true dependence over time. Often children neglect outdoor games, drawing, a molding and so forth to please viewing animated films and telecasts. When there comes the moment that the TV is practically not switched off, parents begin to think how to save the child from teledependence.

The councils recommended by children's psychologists can help in this situation.

You should not turn on the TV just like that, for a background. The child at first unconsciously looks at the screen (it is attracted by moving pictures and zvukovvy maintenance), and then already, having thrown all the children's affairs, about hobby watches a plot. Over time the child will not be able simply to do without TV. 

Not always it is simple to feed the kid, especially with something useful, but not darling for the child. The hand reaches for the remote controller again to distract the child from a plate to manage to push to it a spoon - another of yum-yum. Over time the habit will be created: is only in front of the TV. Distracting from food, children and adults too, mechanically absorb food, forgetting carefully it to chew and, as a rule, problems with a stomach will not keep themselves waiting long.

Strictly limited time. The child has to realize that he sees on the screen. Uncontrolled viewing all in in a row animated films and transfers will lead to problems with sight. Not superfluous will be to remind grandmothers/grandfathers as how many your child looks. Otherwise, not to avoid a children's hysterics, at the grandmother everything is possible, and at home only two hours a day.

To distract the kid from the TV, it is not rather simple to switch off it. It is necessary to find to viewing worthy replacement. It is possible to play together with the child, to paint an overall picture, to ask the help in cleaning or cooking (for the grown-up children), to take a walk, etc.

It is impossible to abuse the kid for long stay at the TV at all, it is better to put the child nearby and to explain quietly, than continuous watching TV threatens.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team