How to choose table service as a gift

How to choose table service as a gift

The good service is popular gift on wedding or anniversary. But if you do not want your gift to have not been pushed more deeply on mezzanine, approach the choice of service with all responsibility. Spend time for round of shops and find the most interesting option.


1. In search of gift service be not limited to crockery department of the nearest supermarket. Come into specialized shops, glance in antique shops and in departments of souvenirs. Sometimes there it is possible to find very original and not too expensive things. Surely glance in the shops trading in professional equipment for restaurants. There it is possible to buy ware of any style – from empire style to vanguard.

2. Try to learn tastes of the person whom you are going to make happy with gift. Whether simple modern forms are pleasant to it or he will prefer the porcelain painted with pastoral scenes and decorated with gilding? Be guided only by its taste – your preferences in this case are secondary.

3. Determine the price which you are ready to pay. Consider that it is better to choose several high-quality objects, than huge set of cheap ware. Think how many objects you want to get. It is ideal if in shop give opportunity to group service independently. Very elegantly and festively the sets including tureens, devices for sauces, dishes of different forms and other not everyday objects of laying look.

4. If you cannot solve what color of service to choose, stop on neutral tones – white, cream, light-beige. Such things are universal and will fit into any interior. Consider, most of people prefer ware of warm colors. Well think before choosing set of black or dark green color.

5. Having decided on the choice, check quality of future purchase. Ask to unpack box, examine all objects. Look at the certificate of conformity of goods. Check completeness of service. If you buy set of ware at random, pack it into strong box, without having forgotten about the sealants and laying protecting dishes and plates. Do not forget about beautiful brown paper and greeting card – they will turn your purchase into the real gift.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team