How to disaccustom the child to write at night

How to disaccustom the child to write at night

Normal by three years children have to go to a pot independently. But at some children the habit to write to a bed remains a long time at night. To disaccustom the child to this habit, it is necessary to understand the reasons of its emergence and to develop a complex of actions for its elimination.


1. Malformations and diseases of an urinary system — pyelonephritises, cystitis, omissions of kidneys  , etc. can become the cause of enuresis. For establishment of the cause of bed wetting address the pediatrician and the nephrologist. You to be necessary to undergo inspection.

2. Enuresis can be the only symptom of some neurologic diseases. For example, can lead patrimonial injuries, infectious diseases of mother to development of this pathology during pregnancy or other complications of this period. For definition of the cause of bed wetting at the child be examined by the neuropathologist.

3. If pathology of a nervous and urinary system is not revealed, develop the correct drinking mode at the child. Distribute amount of the used liquid during the day so that the child drank the last portion in 2 hours prior to a dream. Do not give it before going to bed the juicy fruit and products causing thirst. Before going to bed surely put the kid on a pot.

4. Observe a high security of day. Put the child to bed in one and too time. Do not allow excessive excitement of the kid before going to bed - play quiet games or read to it for night of the book. The surplus of emotions and overfatigue break regulation of processes of excitement and braking at small children, the child can not wake up at overflow of a bladder and pee the pants.

5. Quite often happens so that enuresis at the child can arise against the background of strong emotional experiences. The frequent conflicts in family, continuous reproaches and discontent of parents lead to neurotic frustration at children. That to avoid it, follow the rules of communication with each other based on mutual respect at the child. Do not raise the voice, do not use offensive expressions in a conversation among themselves and the more so - do not allow rough statements in relation to the kid.

6. If nevertheless the child pisatsya in a bed at night - do not abuse him for it. Ask it to help you to remove wet sheets, or to make it independently. Explain that it is a disease, and it will pass soon. Encourage it for the every night spent in a dry bed.

7. The method of night jumping on a pot will be suitable for some children. For this purpose to a kazhda three hours you awake the child and put him on a pot. It is very important to wake him completely if it sits down on a pot in a dozing state, it will only strengthen a habit to write to a bed at night.

8. If at your child the neurologic pathology and diseases of an uric system is not revealed, and all independent attempts to disaccustom him to bed wetting do not result in success, address the children's psychotherapist. The doctor will teach you to a set of exercises which will help the child to feel the control over urination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team