How to disaccustom to be written the child

How to disaccustom to be written the child

The baby of the first year of life has full authority to wet panties. Usually it does not revolt parents and does not disturb as the child about one year cannot constrain urination randomly yet. At many children at some persistence of parents the problem is solved pretty fast. But there is a lot of also children which continue to be written not only in average group of kindergarten, but even in senior or preparatory. Therefore parents should not release a situation from under control.

It is required to you

  • - consultation of the neuropathologist;
  • - pot;
  • - fresh linen.


1. Observe the child. Define when he pisatsya — at night, in the afternoon or at any time. As a rule, children of early age pisatsya both in the afternoon, and at night. They still insufficiently accurately control desires to urination. The child needs just to be accustomed to a pot.

2. Put a pot to such place where it will be easy for kid to reach it. It is better to use a plastic pot because metal can seem too cold and cause unpleasant feelings. It has to be convenient to child to sit. If a pot too big, use a special stool with an opening. By the way, the wooden stool always remains warm.

3. Put the child of early age on a pot after a dream if he got up dry, upon return from walk both after a while after a meal and before going to bed. Do not allow it to sit up long. All procedure has to take no more than five minutes. Never send the child to a toilet after it wetted panties. It is absolutely useless. Besides the kid will apprehend the events as punishment that will not promote the positive relation to process at all.

4. By all means praise the kid who coped with the task set for him. And here to abuse for the fact that he woke up wet or wetted panties does not follow. It will cause nervousness, the child will begin to be afraid to cause your displeasure. Tension can result in opposite result. The child will begin to be written more often than usually.

5. The preschool child who pisatsya in the afternoon, but sleeps peacefully all night long and wakes up dry, carefully check. Perhaps, he too is fond of a game or some occupation and does not want to come off. Remind him that it is necessary to descend in a toilet. Do it through certain periods. If the child refuses, be quiet, but are persistent. Use game receptions. Explain to the child what the little squirrel or a bear want to write, but are afraid to go to a toilet without the company. Be at one and the kid descends on a pot.

6. If the child in the afternoon in time goes to a toilet, and pisatsya at night, despite all your attempts to put him on a pot — address the neuropathologist. In particular, if the senior preschool child or even the school student has night enuresis. Very much can be that he will prescribe the calming medicines or will advise to change a situation. Quite often it happens that parents awake the child several times in a night, but the kid all the same wakes up wet. At the same time the problem is solved by itself after moving or transfer of the child to other kindergarten.

7. To change a situation especially important if the child perfectly sleeps at night, wakes up in a clean bed, but manages to pee the pants in two hours of a daytime sleep in group. Means, he feels discomfort in a garden. Talk to the tutor and try to understand that occurs. It is useful to consult also to the psychologist.

8. You watch that the child did not overtire and was not overexcited. Impressionable and easily excitable children are more inclined to enuresis, than quiet clodhoppers. The child even of the advanced preschool age can not always refuse the occupation which interested him in time. It needs to help to switch. If you see that the child was tired or became too noisy, offer him other occupation.

9. Think up a withdrawal ritual for sleeping. It is the best of all to observe a certain mode. For example, after dinner it is possible to take a walk or play a little quiet games, to be washed, change clothes in a pajamas or a nightgown, to go to bed and to read the fairy tale. Anyway in the house there has to be a quiet and joyful situation. Arrange everything so that laying to sleep was for the kid the pleasant and desired procedure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team