How to distinguish a mumps at the child

How to distinguish a mumps at the child

Mumps, it epidemic parotitis - one of widespread children's diseases. Its treatment does not require hospitalization. It is enough to find a disease in time and to prevent development of complications.

The pig is given from the sick person in the airborne way and forms lifelong immunity after the postponed disease. Physicians claim that the mumps has seasonal nature and meets in March and April more often. Also the fact that boys have a mumps by one and a half times more often than girls is noted.

Parotitis is considered a children's disease and at adult age is transferred heavier. The mumps is terrible the complications. If a disease not to begin to treat in time, the virus can get to blood of the person and provoke diseases of ferruterous bodies (ovaries, testicles, a pancreas). At men the started mumps can end with infertility.

Symptoms of a mumps

Most often the mumps begins sharp temperature increase of a body to 38-39os. The accompanying symptoms: headache, weakness, fever.

Distinctive feature of a disease – inflammation of parotid salivary glands. When pressing on them fingers, the person feels pain. Sometimes glands swell up so that the face of the patient takes pear-shaped shape, as at a pig. For this reason parotitis received the name "mumps". The patient with a mumps the child complains of pain in a neck and ears. At night it can amplify. Noise in ears can also join pain. These symptoms begin to weaken in 3-4 days and finally pass through a week. The tumor can keep up to two weeks.

How to treat a pig

The sick child needs to be isolated to the separate room for ten days a minimum, having provided it a bed rest. Such febrifugal medicines as "Nurofen", Panadol are applied to decrease in temperature. For prevention of intoxication antihistaminic medicines, for example, Suprastin are appointed. It is also necessary to adhere to the special diet excluding fried, spicy, greasy food, canned food, etc. Give preference to dairy and vegetable food. If it is painful to child to chew, crush food by means of the blender. Force it to drink more warm liquid: fruit drinks, teas, dogrose broth. For prevention of a mumps to children carry out vaccination at the age of more than a year. Thanks to such measures, cases of parotitis decreased several times. If you know someone from the child's environment about a disease, stop contact with the patient for the term of not less than three weeks. Just in case do not allow the child to touch the patient's things, for example, of a toy.

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