How to do gymnastics with the child from the raised tone

How to do gymnastics with the child from the raised tone

Almost all babies are born with the raised muscular tone. This results from the fact that in a tummy at mom they are in an embryo pose. Handles and legs at them are densely pressed to a body therefore muscles are in constant tension. Usually the condition of the child returns to normal by 3 — 4 months.

Hyper tone of muscles: what is it?

Sometimes make to the kid the diagnosis a hyper tone. It demonstrates that nervous system of a fruit during pregnancy was exposed to negative impact. The bad ecology, problems with health of future mom or a patrimonial trauma can be fault to it. Children with a hyper tone usually lag behind in development, further they can have problems with a bearing and coordination of movements.

It is possible to determine the level of a muscular tone of your child independently. Such children uneasily sleep, often for no apparent reason cry, after a meal belch. During crying the chin often shivers. Be not happy that your child early began to hold the head. It means that he too strained neck muscles. If to try to put the kid on legs, then the healthy child will lean on all foot, and suffering from a hyper tone – on socks.

The weakening exercises

Treatment to the child is appointed by the doctor-neuropathologist. But mom has to be engaged in the daily help to the kid. How to help the little man grow healthy? For normalization of a tone of muscles it is necessary to do massage and to do special gymnastics. There is a set of exercises and poses promoting relaxation of muscles. Embryo pose. Take the kid on hands and give to his little body that situation in which he was during development till the birth. Put handles on a breast, tighten the bent knees to a stomach, slightly incline a head forward. Having recorded such situation hands, shake the baby. Make movements rhythmical, but smooth. It can be done also in those cases if the child strongly was excited or got agitated and him it is necessary to calm. Rocking on a ball. For this purpose the big ball which is called a fitball is required. Put the child a tummy on a ball and smoothly shake to the left-to the right, back and forth. Though a ball very plastic and soft, it is necessary to hold reliably the kid that it did not fall. Measured movements of a ball well calm. By means of a fitball it is possible to lower considerably or to absolutely remove the raised tone. Rocking. Take the kid under armpits and you hold before yourself. The position of a body has to be vertical. Just shake it here and there. It is even better to do it in water. There it is possible to make movements not only in vertical, but also in horizontal position. Classes in water are very useful to children with a hyper tone. Teach to clap the child a palm on water during bathing. Of course, there will be many splashes, but the kid will open a brush that promotes decrease in a tone of muscles-razgibateley. The doctor has to choose the main set of exercises for your child. The specialist in massage and physiotherapy exercises will show how it is correct to carry out these exercises. And mummy will need to implement recommendations carefully.

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