How to dress a horse

How to dress a horse

Horses are beautiful and noble animals, everyone with the character. But before saddling her, dress on her a saddle and a bridle. It is simple to make it (even beginners for the second day of communication with an animal usually cope with a task), but process has subtleties.

It is required to you

  • horse, bridle, saddleblanket, potnik, saddle, bib.


1. First of all, be not afraid an animal - it feels it. Approach a horse surely and quietly make all manipulations.

2. At first dress a bridle. At the same time densely take an animal for a muzzle, insert trenzel (into a mouth of an animal) and accurate accurate movements dress a bridle on ears. Ears at horses - the place very sensitive, and therefore do it quickly, trying not to cause to an animal of pain.

3. Now put a saddleblanket. It is a small rectangular piece of fabric which problem is to protect a back of an animal from contact with a potnik (a product from the felt absorbing sweat of a horse and softening pressure from a saddle).

4. After a saddleblanket put a potnik. Have it so that he looked out from under a saddle approximately on 3 centimeters.

5. Further put sitting. The belt of a front girth has to be at the level of a waist of a horse. In sitting the pillows protecting a backbone of an animal from excessive loading are located.

6. Button girth belts. It is the detail made of a tape which purpose is to fix sitting so that it did not dangle here and there. It is necessary to begin with a front girth. Clasp it rather densely, without repressing at the same time skin of an animal. The back girth can be more free, but not too, that is not to dangle, otherwise the saddle can begin to move down.

7. Back and front girths are connected among themselves by a belt which button too.

8. Now fasten a bib. Its function also consists in fixation of a saddle.

9. Do not forget to adjust length of a putlishch (stirrup detail) so that it corresponded to length of your shin.

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