How to clarify colored dark hair

How to clarify colored dark hair

Often the women dyeing before hair in dark tone decide to change suddenly cardinally the appearance and to do the hair several shades lighter. In order that the new color has well laid down and was fixed, it is necessary to clarify, first of all, the hair, and only then to use new paint. How to clarify, painted in dark color, hair? There are several advice, following which, you will be able to achieve the necessary result.


  1. Coloring of hair always damages their structure therefore incorrectly executed clarification can result in their dryness, fragility and loss. To avoid such undesirable consequences of your experiments with the appearance, it is better to address to hairdresser's salon. Usually for these purposes the professionals use so-called blondiruyushchy remover which part is blondoran, oxidizer, water and shampoo.
  2. It is necessary to clarify earlier dyed hair gradually. For this purpose it is necessary to paint only the grown roots of hair, every time choosing paint as couple tones lighter than the main shade. At the same time you should not process the ends which you already painted earlier, otherwise you damage them. Thus, gradually clarifying roots, over time you will achieve light tone necessary for you.
  3. There are also several national recipes. It is very dangerous to use such radical methods as clarification by peroxide of hydrogen or hydroperity therefore it is better not to resort to them. Use natural means, such as honey and juice of lemon, they will definitely not do you harm if, of course, you have no allergy. To clarify hair by means of honey or lemon, it is necessary to wash up previously them and to dry up. Then put honey or lemon juice on all length of hair and put on thin kerchief. It is necessary to hold such mask about ten hours therefore it is better to do it for the night. Clarification will be undergone, the roots having your natural color which generally have grown therefore you should be clarified gradually during the long period of time.
  4. It is possible to clarify hair, using camomile infusion, after each washing of the head. This method more effective, than previous, will also not cause allergic reaction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team