How quickly to prepare squash

How quickly to prepare squash

The squash is a universal product which it is possible to freeze, stuff, fry, extinguish also other. Dishes from these vegetables turn out tasty and useful. The squash contains the cellulose, vitamins and minerals which are important for normal work of a human body. Squash fritters are considered as one of the most popular dishes in the summer.

It is required to you

  • - squash of the average sizes
  • - 2 eggs
  • - several tablespoons of flour though it is necessary to be guided on consistence
  • - pinch of salt and pepper
  • - vegetable oil


1. The squash needs to be washed and rubbed by means of the blender or a large grater. There is one important moment if the squash old, is better to rind, if young, it is possible to rub vegetable completely, having cut off only a nose and a tail. Now add to it eggs, Provence herbs at will, flour, salt and pepper. Carefully to mix all ingredients.

2. In a frying pan it is necessary to heat a small amount of vegetable oil and only then a spoon to spread marrow mix. Dough has to remind dense sour cream. If it liquid, then pancakes as a result turn out thin and fragile. If dough dense, fritters can not be fried thoroughly inside.

3. It is necessary to fry squash to a ruddy crust from two parties, accurately overturning a scapula. It should be noted that squash well absorb vegetable oil therefore after frying of fritter it is possible to lay out on paper towels which perfectly absorb excess fat.

4. Warm squash fritters in combination with sour cream are a tasty and rich dish. Also they can be baked in an oven, having laid previously a baking tray baking paper. At the same time the baking tray is put in a heated oven.

5. Recipes of marrow fritters there is a huge number. Fans of spicy food add garlic and also different greens, such dish has a juicy note.

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