How to dress the newborn in maternity hospital

How to dress the newborn in maternity hospital

At future mothers, and it is optional those which expect the first baby, but also at skilled, always many doubts and questions. Very often pregnant women solve for themselves a problem in what to dress the newborn baby in maternity hospital. And if to conduct survey, then opinions on this occasion will differ.


1. First of all examine with requirements, shown in maternity hospital where you are going to give birth. There are those medical institutions which allow to bring with themselves for just been born baby the things. As a rule, the refusal of the system of swaddling reigns in such maternity hospitals. At once put a baby's undershirt with the closed fingers (it is necessary that the child did not scratch himself small, but sharp nogotochka) on the baby and a romper suit. Such clothes allow the child to wave freely a hand and legs, to study the world around and to feel that it can move.

2. There are maternity hospitals where tough rules which young mothers follow from Soviet period reign. It is supposed that the kid, without being able to coordinate the movements yet and without understanding what occurs and that it over him flies, it is frightened. So, becomes nervous, cannot long calm down. Therefore from clothes for it only baby's undershirts are necessary and diapers - will regularly swaddle him.

3. In some maternity hospitals in a pursuit of sterility do not allow to bring the things in postnatal office. There women in labor and babies are given state linen. As a rule, all this same baby's undershirts and diapers. Plus such clothes is that it does not need to be erased. The used things develop in a special tank which is brought later to a laundry at maternity hospital. There they are erased, soar and after brought for disguise of children again.

4. If you are going to give birth in paid department of maternity hospital where clothes children and mothers are given, for you there will be exceptions. Will allow to bring you the clothes for the kid.

5. Anyway it is necessary to remember that the clothes for the child have to be made of natural fabrics, cotton is the most preferable. Baby's undershirts and romper suit by seams outside are sewed, it is necessary in order that they did not scratch too gentle skin of the kid. As for diapers, their edges are also not stitched, and only are slightly processed only in order that fabric did not pour.

6. Sometimes to kids in maternity hospital put on caps. It is done if problems with heating or seal for winter of windows in maternity hospital are observed. Sometimes additional heat is applied as a measure to the help to premature children, they slowed down all processes in an organism. Therefore it is necessary to maintain optimum level of heat at them.

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