How to enter a meat feeding up

How to enter a meat feeding up

When the kid was only born, it seems to happy parents that that moment when it is ready to introduction of a feeding up, still very far. But children quickly grow, and already there comes the moment not only the first feeding up in the form of juice, but also it is time for introduction to a diet of the baby of meat mash.


1. Wait for execution to the child of 6 months. Only then it is worth thinking of a feeding up in the form of meat mash. It is not necessary to give this type of food to the kid of smaller age as his digestive system will not be to the right degree ready to processing of similar "serious" food yet.

2. Read to enter meat mash from such types of meat as the rabbit, a chicken, fast veal – they are most easily acquired and process of accustoming with meat food will take place more simply.

3. Begin introduction of meat mash with a teaspoon half, having mixed this quantity of a new feeding up with food already known to the child – squash, potatoes, pumpkin vegetable puree or another. By the time of execution the child of 1 year can bring quantity of a meat feeding up to 100-125 grams a day.

4. It is better to give meat mash to the child in the first half of day during a lunch. It will give to parents the chance to track reaction of an organism of the kid to a new product and such "difficult" food will be acquired before night sleep.

5. Meat mash can be made as independently, having crushed boiled meat in the blender to a pyureobrazny state and to boil it again, having added a little meat broth, and to buy already ready in pharmacy in the form of canned meat for food of children of 6 months. At independent preparation of this feeding up in house conditions salt usually to puree is not added.

6. Use only fast grades of meat for preparation of a meat feeding up, buying it from the checked producers as any possible infection which is rather easily transferred by the adult's organism, will do to the kid much more serious harm.

7. Pay attention upon purchase of canned meat for baby food to a product expiration date. Also when opening a glass jar of canned food pay attention that at turn of a cover light cotton has to sound. If cotton was not, then do not use such canned food – they can be spoiled or have marriage at production (conscientious producers specify similar information on the label of jars with tinned baby food).

8. You enter a feeding up to the kid after consultation with the children's district doctor, and if necessary and with other experts as features of health of the kid can dictate need of later introduction of a meat feeding up to its food allowance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team