How to entertain the kid

How to entertain the kid

Cubes, pyramids, balls, tumbler toys – all this not only entertainment for your kid, but also a way of knowledge of the world around. For this reason it is so important to parents to know about that as well as by means of what to play with the kid that it gave not only pleasure, but also brought benefit.


1. In shops the choice of toys is so big that often parents buy some thing just to fill up the child's collection. But treat the choice of entertainments for the kid seriously, think whether this toy will be pleasant to the baby, whether it will bring it benefit, or will become dusty somewhere.

2. When choosing entertainments for the kid consider also age. If the child is from 0 to 3 months old, his very first toys have to be simple, with large details, bright colors. The sound of rattles should not be too loud not to frighten the kid. Pendants on a bed and in a carriage remains will also draw attention.

3. For the child from 3 to 6 months choose musical mobiles carousels. The quiet melody, the moving toys will not leave the kid indifferent. The developing rug will become your irreplaceable assistant. In them usually there are musical details, squeakers, pocket mirrors and many other elements. The suspended toys cause desire at the kid to reach them. The similar rug can be made independently. As a rule, toys for a rug do of the rustling materials, as fillers use grain, sand, fine details and other improvised material. Offer the child of a toy with uneven surfaces for development of fine motor skills of fingers.

4. From 6 months children like toys with buttons, pressing which the music or light, by the turning details, designers, pyramids is turned on. Kids can already independently carry out manipulations with these objects. During bathing to the baby will cheerfully lap together with a rubber duck or a frog.

5. Approximately from 9 months of children who already take the first steps involve wheelchairs, carriages. And this hobby not only of girls, but also boys. The child together with peers can play in a sandbox. For this purpose get buckets, molds. Very useful toy for the child of 9-12 months – a ball. Classes with it develop accuracy, dexterity of the child. Besides, for kids of such age there are special puzzles by means of which the child gets an idea of a form of objects.

6. It is often possible to notice how the child is interested in toys a little, and more he is attracted by household objects. Do not forbid to play to the kid with pans. Take several pans, different in the size, together with the child try to pick up on everyone the necessary cover. It will be interesting to the baby to play also with multi-colored jars from yogurts. Think out entertainments for the kid, using everything that is near at hand.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team