How to expiate the newborn

How to expiate the newborn

To impart love for water at the child, he needs to be bathed daily since the birth. In the future such children better perceive other types of water procedures, for example, hardening by water. However bathing of newborns has the features which are important for considering not to do much harm to the kid.

It is required to you

  • - small bath;
  • - ladle for water;
  • - boiled water (37 wasps);
  • - children's soap;
  • - mitten from soft fabric or a sponge;
  • - diapers (2 pieces);
  • - skin care products (powder or oil, Q-tips and disks, boiled water).


1. Prepare all accessories, necessary for bathing, in advance and arrange them so that they were convenient to be taken. Just before bathing wash up a bath with soap, then wipe with soda and drench with boiled water. Wash a mitten or a sponge for soaping of skin of the kid.

2. Heat water and bring it to 37 wasps – for bathing and to 36 wasps – for douche. At first, until at the kid the umbilical wound drags on, bathe him only in boiled water. Pour it in a bath and once again take water temperature.

3. Take the kid so that his head was located on an elbow bend of the left hand, support by the right hand him under buttocks. In water lower gradually, since the Piglet, then a back, and leave the top third of a breast over water. Carefully change position of the left hand so that the palm supported a nape and the child's neck. A free hand begin to wash the kid.

4. You carry out bathing of the newborn in a certain sequence irrespective of you wash the child with soap or without it. At first wash up the child's head, then ear, cervical and axillary folds, further handles and a body, and only then inguinal folds, a crotch and legs. After soaping of each part of a body, wash it water at once not to overdry gentle skin of the kid. You can wash a face separately prepared water to or after bathing.

5. Time of bathing of the newborn is 5-7 minutes. At the end of the water procedure rinse the kid with 2 liters of that water 1 wasps lower that for bathing, i.e. 36 wasps. Each three days reduce water temperature for douche on 1 wasps and so gradually bring it to 28 wasps.

6. Wrap the newborn in a plain diaper and blot all surface of his skin, without forgetting about natural folds. They have to be well dried that their processing by powder or oil was effective.

7. Put the kid on a dry diaper and start processing of an umbilical wound and all natural folds. Swaddle the kid and only then wipe eyes with the cotton pads moistened in boiled warm water. If necessary clean Q-tips or turunda a nose and wipe all face of the kid.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team