How to explain to the child from where he undertook

How to explain to the child from where he undertook

Practically all parents face a naive question of the kid sooner or later "From where children undertake?" That the matter did not take you unawares, it is better to be prepared for a similar conversation in advance that most well and just to explain to the child essence of his origin.


1. Answering similar questions which are asked to you yours by the baby, begin with the story narrating as you got acquainted with dad, tell it about feelings which you had. The concept "love" has to be central in this story. Focus attention of the kid that he is a fruit of tenderness and love of dad and mom.

2. Telling about that, how exactly there is a conception, call to the aid comparisons and images and also use illustrations from the children's encyclopedia. Your story, for example, can be under construction in this way: "When the woman and the man love each other, they decide to live together in one house, equipping it, creating a cosiness. They begin to think of the child's birth. You already know that the woman and the man are suited differently that they have special bodies called sexual. Thanks to them mom and dad also have a child. When the woman and the man love each other, they give each other caress and kisses. They want to conceive the child therefore the father's penis comes out liquid with a set of tiny spermatozoa. This liquid gets into mom's vagina. In a mother's uterus - a small sack, there lives round "section" - an ovum. At the moment when one of "tadpoles" of dad meets mom's ovum, they merge, and absolutely little baby appears. It will grow in a tummy at mom within nine months. When the child wants to be born, he passes outside through the small shchelochka in a mother's body becoming at this moment is wider to pass the kid". Similar explanations are quite available to the child, and for long time his curiosity and interest will be satisfied.

3. If, proceeding from any reasons, you consider that for a talk about it time did not come yet, postpone an explanation. It is possible to tell the child that you still need time to think. Choose more right moment. But absolutely you should not evade from a conversation, then your kid will probably think that it is bad to be interested in sexual questions, and further it can have various complexes. If you awkwardly feel, suggest the child to look together at the children's encyclopedia with illustrations devoted to these questions.

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