How to fatten the child

How to fatten the child

It is pleasant to parents to see the kid the well-fed and pink-checked athlete. But what to do if at yours the baby signs of deficiency of weight and it is more similar to a transparent delicate flower? Try to fatten the child.


1. At first try to understand the reasons of so fragile constitution. Perhaps, it is a hereditary factor, and in your family there were never heavy people. Talk to grandmothers and grandfathers about the childhood. In similar families for certain there will be small secrets how to increase the weight of yours of the baby.

2. Between the main meals it is quite good to arrange having a snack with fruit, fermented milk products, fancy bread, cookies. Be not afraid to overfeed the child. The main thing that ate the usual day portion corresponding to its age.

3. Usually children eat with small weight very badly. Look narrowly what food the kid refuses. Offer him instead of dietary purees and casseroles the soups and borsches. Let daily joint lunches at beautifully served table will become tradition. It is quite possible that food from adult ware will seem to the child much more tasty, than from a children's plate. And family feasts will rally your family more.

4. Do not disregard a doctor's advice. Now there are many new medications. The pediatrician observing your child will pick up to him a necessary complex of vitamins and amino acids. Medicinal therapy will fix possible problems of mineral and fat exchange in a young organism.

5. Physical activity will help to put on weight considerably. Begin with morning exercises, feasible sports classes. Walk with the kid in the fresh air more, go on nature. Water procedures and hardenings also increase appetite and strengthen body weight. Soon enough muscles of yours of the baby considerably will get stronger.

6. Do not lower a hand and do not expect that the problem will be dissolved with age. Its overcoming will require considerable efforts of you. The price of the spent time and forces is the future of healthy, physically hardy person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team