How to feed the child after a year

How to feed the child after a year

Good nutrition is necessary for the correct intellectual and physical development of each kid. But many parents consider that after a year the child does not need the special menu.

According to them, the main thing to feed in time and in enough. This wrong opinion and illiteracy of parents often does only harm to the kid. It is not desirable to feed the child at such age from a table d'hote yet. The special food allowance is necessary not only to the chest kid, but also children from a year to three years. Digestive system of the child is not rather developed to digest greasy, spicy, salty, fried food. The stomach at such age does not produce all enzymes, necessary for full digestion. Of course, it does not mean that food has to remain same what it was about one year. After a year the kid already has a considerable number of teeth, the stomach, broad perception of tastes is more developed and there are preferences in food. Therefore it is important to parents to know how to feed the child after a year and it is correct to make the daily menu. Gradually from liquid food it is necessary to pass to firmer, vitamin-rich and minerals. Thus, the child will quicker get used to chewing and will receive enough nutrients. It is necessary to pass to food of strong texture gradually, alternating it to vegetable, meat mashes, soluble porridges. For example, it is possible to combine the meat quenelles made together with pumpkin or broccoli puree. Or to offer pieces of fruit for a dessert after porridge. The main thing as it was already mentioned not to forget about that food was saturated with vitamins. The diet at this age is rather various. Still dairy products are necessary for the child as before. It is kefir, milk, yogurts, cottage cheese. Presence at the menu of meat or fish is obligatory. These products are rich with protein which is so necessary for the kid for the normal growth and development. After a year instead of a chicken yolk it is possible to give already whole egg. It is also necessary to expand the range of vegetables. It is possible to include in the menu radish, a garden radish, green onions, a sorrel, salad, fennel, parsley. You should not forget about fruit and juice which are necessary in a food allowance every day. Among porridges the most useful are oat and buckwheat. It is possible to offer pasta, but it is not frequent, they contain a large amount of carbohydrates. It is necessary to feed the child after a year five times a day. But some children pass to four times food, refusing the last feeding. In that case intervals between meals should be increased from 3rd to 4 o'clock.

 In food, as well as in everything, interest is important. Combine your acceptance of food with feeding of the child. Show it as tasty all that can lie in a plate. Rising because of a table, make sure that your child was sated. But you should not overfeed it too. Everything has to be moderately. Remember that the quality of food will affect quality of life of the kid. Eat properly and God bless you!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team