How to find worms in the child

Helminthic invasions at children – quite frequent case, kids can learn objects on taste, to pull hands in a mouth and to pay special attention to animals who are one of infection sources. It is possible to confirm the suspicions only by means of laboratory diagnostics. However it is independently possible to assume parasites and on a number of signs.


1. Symptoms of infection with worms at children can appear not at once and, often the parasitic disease begins to be shown at first by problems with digestion. It can be understood if once normal appetite at the child suddenly was gone or on the contrary became raised, the thirst for sweet amplified, there were frequent belly-aches, the diarrhea alternates with a lock, nausea disturbs.

2. It is possible to exclude suspicions on availability of helminths at the child only after inspection. And it is better not to postpone it, in process of reproduction of parasites the organism will constantly get poisoned with their toxins. As a result the kid will become irritable, aggressive, sluggish, anemic. And because of absorption of the useful substances necessary for development and growth also weak physically.

3. To assume a concrete type of helminths, pay attention to manifestation of characteristic signs of worms. And for this purpose watch the child not only in the afternoon, but also during night sleep. A number of symptoms is shown at night.

4. If the kid is disturbed by an itch of genitals and an anus, the gnash teeth appeared during sleep, there is bed wetting and salivation, examine the child on enterobioz – infection with pinworms. This species of a parasite is one of the most widespread in children's collectives. For reliability of the diagnosis hand over kcal within several days with a small interval. Need for repeated diagnostics disappears only at positive result.

5. At frequent spastic pains in a navel, ponosa or locks, nausea, small appetite, irritability, an indisposition, pallor of skin and weight reduction or its insignificant addition, chronic cough and cold examine the child on askaridoz. Infection with roundworms with ascarids - not less widespread disease, especially in summertime. For confirmation of the diagnosis hand over kcal within 3 weeks.

6. If the child often has signs of disorder of digestion which are followed by headaches, dizziness, spasms and an unconscious state exclude first of all food poisoning. For this purpose call the doctor. After stabilization of a state, just in case, examine the kid on a trichuriasis, or infection vlasoglavy.

7. If the kid began to complain often of pains in the right top side or to breasts and, besides, became pale, irritable, quickly gets tired, badly eats, does not put on weight and even loses weight, check it for echinococcosis. This disease often masks under diseases of other bodies and because of it many years can be not revealed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team