Vulvit at girls: reasons and treatment

Vulvit at girls: reasons and treatment

Vulvit at girls represents a gynecologic disease which is characterized by inflammatory process of a vulva. This disease occurs in girls of younger age (up to 8 years) in the period of hormonal rest of an organism.

The main reasons because of which develops vulvit at girls, insufficient observance of rules of intimate hygiene, hypofunction of ovaries, the broken aeration of sexual channels, mechanical injury of a mucous membrane, etc. are disbioz an urinogenital system and intestines.

Of course, hit of an infection is the most common cause on which begins vulvit at girls. The known causative agents of an infection it is considered to be opportunistic organisms (staphylococcus, streptococci, colibacillus), pathogenic causative agents of the diseases which are transmitted through a genital tract (chlamydias, gonokokk, trichomonads) and others. It can be a consequence of childbirth (in the infected patrimonial ways from mother to the daughter) or acquisition after the birth. Primary infection arises at hit of a foreign matter in the girl's vagina, at detection of worms, at change of reactivity of a children's organism.

As a rule, vulvit at girls is divided into three stages: sharp, subsharp and chronic. Sharp vulvit no more than a month, subsharp lasts – up to 3 months, and chronic exceeds this period of time. Depending on a stage the necessary treatment is chosen. Of course, originally it is necessary to get rid of unpleasant symptoms which disturb the child. Sharp and subsharp forms are followed by burning sensation of genitals, appearance of an itch and various allocations. These are the most common symptoms by which it is characterized vulvit. How to treat, the doctor as degree of hyperaemia and specific features of a children's organism is considered defines. Emergence of puffiness and morbidity signals that chronic develops vulvit at children. Treatment assumes use of medicines for destruction of activators and restoration of microflora. As a rule, it is various creams, ointments, antifungal means, etc. Local processing of genitalia of the child through which the infection gets is also obligatory. It is necessary to carry a careful intimate toilet, regular syringing to daily procedures (about use of antiseptic solution), lotions (with an eucalyptus, Furacilin), baths (with addition of broths of officinal herbs, potassium permanganate solution). In certain cases the disease on the first year of life of the girl leads to the fact that there is a sinekhiya of small vulvar lips. Sinekhiya represents process of gradual fusion of lips that involves negative consequences and need of surgical intervention spetsialistadostatochno often meets allergic vulvit at which it is necessary to take the antihistaminic drugs and to exclude from a food allowance possible allergen (at food allergy). As a rule, the children's organism demands a certain protection against various infections and diseases. Degree of protection is affected by a condition of the immune system therefore it is expedient to strengthen immunity by means of various vitamin complexes and dietary supplements. It is much simpler to prevent emergence of the vulvit therefore it is necessary to teach the girl to follow rules of personal intimate hygiene, to accustom her to healthy and to active lifestyle, systematically observation at the expert in time to liquidate the possible centers of an infection. The general condition and reproductive function of an organism of the adult woman depends on health of a reproductive system at early age.

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