How to treat cracks at the child

How to treat cracks at the child

At children because of long stay on a pot and locks anus cracks quite often are formed. They hurt the kid much, ""toilet affairs"" become the real torture. To get rid of so unpleasant symptoms, not enough time is necessary, at children the regeneration of fabrics happens very quickly.


1. Adjust digestion to the kid. Give it many fruit, they contain a high dose of cellulose which is not digested completely. Ballast substances get into intestines and its walls irritate, causing natural release of water. All this leads to softening of stool and the child without effort starts going to a toilet, cracks at the same time are not exposed to the injuring influence of dry excrements.

2. To the kid you carry out intimate hygiene with use of broth from a camomile. Make 1 tablespoon in a glass of water after it infuses 15-30 minutes, add clear warm water at the rate of 200 ml on 2-3 liters of water. Skin will be softened and will begin to heal gradually.

3. After you wash away the kid, grease to him buttocks with camomile, hunting or kalendulovy oil. It is possible to prepare it as follows: crush dry raw materials of any of above-mentioned plants in the coffee grinder or a mortar, part it in a proportion 1 to the 3rd sunflower or olive oil. Boil oil with herbs within 2-3 minutes. Then filter and oil is ready to use.

4. Do microenemas to the kid with the same oil. You enter 1-2 ml into an anus. And let the child will try to hold the entered means in himself though it will be to make absolutely not easy. Put right after introduction of oil of the kid on a stomach, so there are more chances that it will not leave back in the same minute. If oil very quickly flows, enter to the kid broths of these herbs (1 tablespoon on 200 ml of water).

5. If after use of these means the improvement is not observed, show the kid to the doctor. It is possible that the expert will write out special candles which will promote the speedy recovery of the child. Do not play for time if pains at the child only amplify, the bacterial infection also can join cracks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team