We raise the man: main rules for mothers of boys

We raise the man: main rules for mothers of boys

The boys who are in good relations with mother it is proved by scientists, grow more emotionally balanced, they are less inclined to aggression, they have more chances to achieve vital success. There are simple rules for mothers which are capable to help to strengthen relations with sons, to develop their character, to promote that  the self-assured young men creating around themselves the harmonious world grew up from boys.

You learn to listen to teach to speak

It is important to listen to ability for all, but mothers of boys need especially it. Usually boys formulate the thoughts, than the girl more slowly. When the child makes a pause, do not finish a thought for him, do not prompt to him and do not begin to express the opinion or to answer the question which is not asked still. Give it time, show interest, specify something in his thought or the story. Ability clearly and accurately to formulate the thoughts very important for future man and it is possible to teach him to it only if attentively to couple the boy.

Be emotional

People need emotional proximity – men and women, boys and girls. Nobody will turn into "the mother's sonny" if to embrace him more often. An environment teaches boys to be reserved and severe and who except mom will teach him to be gentle? Unless the real man should not know how to be tender with the wife, children, relatives?

And one more aspect of emotionality. If the son sees that mom can be different – to be upset and be happy, laugh and to cry, grieve and exult, emotions which will be expressed by other women in life of the young man will not take him unawares. He will manage to understand them and is adequate to react to them.

Remember that they not your copy

Already since childhood boys have a special, men's view of the world. Accept it. You should not expect that their reactions will resemble yours that your opinion has to coincide. Do not show them that you are disappointed with this discrepancy. Do not force to adapt to yourself. Learn to encourage in them manifestations of male outlook.

Teach him to cope with "men's" affairs

In spite of the fact that in society there are more and more talk about gender equality, there will pass a lot more time before cease to expect ability to cope with daily "men's" affairs from men. Teach him to cope with small house repair, to handle tools, to get on with the equipment. Do not place emphasis that it "men's business", just explain how it is properly unpleasant to appear in a simple everyday situation which you cannot take under control.

Teach him not to divide work into "men's" and "women's"

Not important to what society is ready, important to what your son is ready. The modern man is not guided by mossy gender prejudices. He will manage to prepare simple dishes, and sometimes and seriously is fond of cookery, is able to maintain purity in the house, does not wait that someone will track purity of his clothes, can sit with the child.  

Involve it in a circle of household chores not as "the assistant's mamochkin" and as the responsible person living in the house and making the contribution to its life. Even if he will become the loaded director of huge corporation, he has to know that shirts do not erase the fairy, and the lunch does not appear on a table by itself. The real man knows what is the time and work ordinary homework borrows and appreciates time and work enclosed in it.

Teach him not to be indifferent

Tell the child that his debt not only as men, but just as person to interfere if someone got into a difficult situation. It is necessary to be attentive to people to see the young mom needing the help with a carriage or the elderly person who is not coping with steps. But besides it is necessary to be able to defend weak, to interfere if attack someone or scoff.

It is important to show it that not all is possible and it is necessary to solve by force. Teach him to cope with conflict situations by means of words, to be above provocations. Tell that on the present win a fight the one who will manage to prevent it. It is very important to inform the boy, to properly estimate alignment of forces and that there is nothing shameful in receding to involve the help. The man the one who is able to solve situations, but not the one who without thoughts gets involved in fights.

Learn to release them

Sometime your son will begin independent life. Learn to release him in advance, to trust him, to remember that he should become someone's husband, the father, the friend, and not just to remain all life "your boy". Allow it to go on its road, the maintained confidence in your love and knowledge that you believe in him. You believe that he is a reasonable young man.

Also you remember that even if he grew up, got the companion of life, own children, all of you equally will remain his mom. If all of you made correctly, he will come back to you behind seeing how you are proud of it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team