How to force the child to lose weight

How to force the child to lose weight

Today in Russia about 30% of children have excess weight, and a half of them suffers from obesity. The task of parents of such child is to help it to lose weight. The excessive completeness results in difficulties in communication with peers and also to decline in quality of life and serious problems with health.


1. Obesity – a chronic disease which cannot be cured finally. Weight can return as soon as the person throws a diet and will begin to eat as well as to it. Therefore in fight against extra kilos the radical change of a way of life is necessary. Try to teach children to do the choice for healthy products. A set of excess weight is promoted, first of all, by that food in which contains few useful substances and many calories. The chocolates loved by many children, chips, ice cream, French fries contain very large amount of high-calorie fat. Try not strictly forbid the child is them, and to agree. Discuss what can be eaten when and how many. And, above all – begin with yourself. The personal example is a necessary condition if you want the son or the daughter to eat properly.

2. Limit consumption of flour products: bread, cakes, crackers and other pastries. Always try to keep something tasty in the fridge and useful to having a snack which are so loved by children. Let it will be, for example, fruit salad or berries jelly. Always put healthy food (fruit, nuts, sunflower seeds) on a foreground in the center of a table, and remove candies in a case, on a regiment - far away. So it will be simpler to child to get used to the correct food. For satisfying of thirst offer it fresh, natural juices, unsweetened herbal or green tea, water.

3. Give to the child an opportunity to more move, do active sports. Register together to the pool, in classes dances, ride a bike, play soccer, basketball. Try to go more on foot. To lose weight, the child has to spend energy more, than consume.

4. It is very important to lift the child's self-assessment that the emotional injuries got because of completeness in the childhood did not remain on all further life. Peers often give to such children offensive nicknames, tease them. Try to make so that the child became better treats himself. Control together with him weight reduction, enjoy positive results, encourage him. There are also special psychological ways of change of food behavior. If it is not possible to cope independently – address experts.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team