How to force the child to take a breast

How to force the child to take a breast

Your long-awaited kid was born! Behind concern and care which were connected with expectation of the first meeting. Now the main task for the baby to become "baby", i.e. the baby who is fully eating mother's milk. How to adjust breastfeeding if the baby refuses to suck, and sometimes even cries at all in attempt to give it a breast?


1. To avoid similar problems when feeding, correctly put the child to a breast. For this purpose press it a tummy to yourself more densely so that the nipple was somewhere at the level of a nose. Support by a hand a breast: the thumb has to be from above, and all others to be from below (index has to be from a nipple not closer than 5 centimeters) parallel to the lower sponge of the kid. Wait until the kid widely opens a mouth, and send a nipple to the sky (up). It is necessary that at the same time and it, and an areola appeared deeply in a mouth of the baby, from below it is more, than from above. The top and lower sponges when sucking have to be turned out outside.

2. The shape of nipples can be the cause of "flexure" of the baby at a breast. Pay attention to the nipples: the involved or their flat form complicates capture of a breast by the kid, in this sluchya it is heavy to baby to hold a breast in a mouth. Show persistence and patience. In the first days, offering a breast, well support a head of the baby. For pulling of nipples before feeding do special exercises. Being in maternity hospital, ask the help for the experienced midwife or the consultant for breastfeeding. Do not worry, it is a temporary problem: as a rule, does not pass both month, and the kid himself extends a nipple as it is more convenient for it.

3. If the baby aged up to one month is curved at a breast, it is quite possible that he cannot cope with a strong stream of milk. To help it, be decanted a little, and give a breast again.

4. The baby is more senior than month can behave in this way because the stream of milk became weaker, according to it it became more difficult to suck. Newborns in such situation can fall asleep at a breast, but, becoming is more senior, they begin to express discontent with scandals or flexure, especially if they have an experience of sucking of a bottle or a dummy. Therefore do not accustom the baby to them, otherwise it quickly will understand that there are objects, more convenient for sucking, and will refuse a breast.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team