How to get rid of a lock at newborns

How to get rid of a lock at newborns

Lock - the widespread phenomenon among children of chest age. Most often it arises at feeding process violation, improper feeding of the nursing mother and also owing to early introduction of a feeding up or an incorrect day regimen of the child. As the main signs of locks at children serve the dry, firm chair, absence it during two and more than a day.


1. For treatment of locks at the babies who are on breastfeeding first of all it is necessary to reconsider a food allowance of mother. Eat more beet, greens, water and also cellulose and prunes. Refuse such products as coffee, alcohol, cheese and chocolate. It is useful to prepare a dish from 2-3 pieces of dried apricots, prunes and a small amount of raisin, to fill in for the night all this with kefir and to eat since morning. Having got to breast milk, such components help to adjust to the child work of digestive tract.

2. If the kid is on the artificial or mixed feeding, buy the dairy mix preventing locks and improving digestion of the kid. The pediatrician will help to choose suitable mix.

3. An important role in treatment of locks is played by observance of a day regimen and feeding of the baby and also the correct introduction of a feeding up. Give it more boiled water. Dill water and children's tea here too reckon with fennel as useful.

4. Sometimes low physical activity is the reason of locks at newborns. Try to carry out before each feeding with the baby simple gymnastic exercises. Lay it on a back and serially press to a tummy and lower legs of the kid. It is possible to carry out exercise "Bicycle": alternately draw in to a stomach on one leg bent in a knee.

5. Quite often locks can cause complications in the baby: formation of gases, gastric pain and others. At such symptoms it is necessary to take urgent measures. Take the small syringe and cut off from it a half, without touching a tubule. Oil it vegetable or children's cream and insert to the kid into back pass. An alternative to this method is application of rectal catheters and exhaust tubes.

6. Several minutes later gases and kcal have to come out. If it did not occur, it is possible to use glyceric candles, previously having consulted before it to the pediatrician. Quite often doctors appoint to kids "Duphalac". At intestinal gripes and an abdominal distension among mothers such medicines as Espumizan, "Plantex" and "Sab Simplex" are popular.

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