How to give birth to the child without gaps

How to give birth to the child without gaps

Gaps - the most frequent complication accompanying natural childbirth. In most cases it is connected with the fruit sizes, elasticity of fabrics and features of a course of childbirth. However future mom can minimize the probability of emergence of gaps.

Crotch muscles more elastic to you Kegelya will help to do exercises. This complex is extremely important for the woman as it is directed to several factors at once: it helps to strengthen intimate muscles, serves as prevention of a number of gynecologic diseases and also promotes improvement of sexual life. However Kegel's exercises will be effective only in case you carry out them regularly, with a large number of repetitions and for many years. To begin to train several weeks prior to childbirth not only senselessly, but also it is dangerous as so you risk to provoke premature birth. However if you began to plan pregnancy in advance, include in a complex of preparation and this intimate gymnastics to increase chances to give rise without gaps. 

The correct breath during the fights and attempts - a key element of successful and painless childbirth. Many future mothers neglect this important factor by preparation for childbirth, and as a result at midpoint forget about how it is correct to breathe. Very few people know that gaps in most cases - a consequence of the wrong breath, shouts, a zazhatiya. During childbirth the obstetrician will surely prompt to you as it is necessary to breathe. Quite often from pain and fatigue the woman in labor is not capable to realize the teams of the doctor, and especially it is correct to execute them. Begin to train in advance, then the movement of a fruit will be smoother and sure, and the risk of gaps and other complications will be minimized. 

During pregnancy enter the correct fats into the diet. Include fish, avocado, nuts, olive and linen oils in the menu. These products will promote increase in elasticity of fabrics. After consultation with the doctor you can spend on drink a rate of medicine Omega 3-6-9. So you will be able not only to reduce risk of gaps in we lie childbirth, but also will ensure prevention of extensions. 

Several months prior to childbirth begin to carry out special massage of a crotch. Use for this purpose oil of an evening primrose or sweet almonds. Within 7-10 minutes influence this zone the soft, slightly stretching movements. The first massage of a crotch has to be short (no more than a minute). You have to make sure that, first, you have no allergy to oil, and secondly that you normally feel during the procedure, and the uterus does not react to manipulations in any way. If everything is good, gradually increase massage time.

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