How to grow up the child happy: principle of continuity

How to grow up the child happy: principle of continuity

The child not only watches the parents carefully, he well feels what relationship at them therefore will pretend to be is useless. It is necessary to be sincerely happy that also the child was happy. Children in 99.9% of cases copy behavior of parents when, having become adults, make the family. And that the personal relations at children in the future developed well, it is necessary to follow certain rules of conduct both with children, and with the spouse already now.


1. The precipitancy of modern life steals communication with the closest and expensive. Of course, it is important to earn for family, to prepare on family, to erase and iron on all. But only material care is not enough for maintenance of spirit of strong family. Children will grow up, and it will be senseless to regret that with them it was not possible to spend much time. And will complain to anything, as adult children do not find time for communication with elderly parents, and only financially try to support them. Ability to organize a family dinner, joint walk, a confidential conversation – all this is from the childhood. Never neglect communication with the family. Look for occasions to spend together with beloved children and the husband/wife much time.

2. Do not criticize and do not abuse either the child, or the second half. If critical remarks at you in honor, then you know that everything what they lead to, is the aspiration to be protected, take offense, justify, to evade responsibility, altercate. All this to anything. And does not contribute to happiness. If someone from relatives made a mistake, help it to draw conclusions, to think how it is better to arrive next time. Your darlings will surprise you with as far as they can be wise.

3. When children are sure that they are loved, they learn to love and respect themselves. And it is very important qualities for the happy person. Therefore try to say as often as possible to the children and the spouse/spouse, and parents that you love them. Smile at a meeting - it is a powerful indicator that you are glad them to see. Do not forget to embrace and kiss the children several times a day – the corporal contact is very important for the child.

4. Remember that children is our chief teachers. They see the world eyes of the parents. And it forces the loving parents to be responsible, constantly to control itself. If mom and dad constantly are angry, retire into oneself, become angry, worry, upset, then children grow nervous and unfortunate. And that the child grew up the happy person, parents need to control always themselves and the acts in family, at work and in any public place.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team