How to help at gripes to the newborn

How to help at gripes to the newborn

After the birth the child begins to adapt to new conditions. He begins to get used to new food. Gripes at the child are rather widespread problem. Many children by three weeks of life begin to feel discomfort in intestines. Boys are subject to especially this problem. The baby often cries, is capricious, draws in legs to a tummy and refuses to eat. Usually by four months of colic pass, and the kid ceases to be capricious and cry with belly-ache.

So, let's understand the cause of gripes and methods of their elimination. Problems with digestion of the kid are the main reason for gripes. Intestines of the baby were not filled yet with useful bacteria which help work of digestive tract.

If the child is on breastfeeding, then mom should reconsider the food allowance. It is necessary to avoid products which cause the increased gas generation, for example, such as bean, grapes, corn, any carbonated drinks.

If the kid is on artificial feeding, then perhaps it is necessary to choose the special mix intended for comfortable digestion. Before feeding spread the child on a stomach for 5-10 minutes. So the risk of appearance of gripes is reduced several times. After feeding take the child in vertical position until there is an excess air. This procedure will reduce an abdominal distension, and it will be easier for baby to digest the received milk.

With an attack of intestinal colic the child can be helped by a number of simple procedures and exercises. Begin the bicycle with exercise. You twist legs of the kid like driving the bicycle and periodically for several seconds turn in them closely to a tummy. At the same time try to stroke a stomach clockwise. 

Take a thin print diaper and iron it the iron. Put the ironed diaper on a stomach to the child. Will warmly quickly remove spasms in intestines. It is also possible to use a reusable salt hot-water bottle. It keeps heat longer. However be careful and do not burn gentle skin of the baby.

Also before feeding it is possible to use medicines on the simetikena, previously having consulted with the doctor. Such are, for example, espumizan, bobotik, sabsimplex. It is possible to use teas and medicines on the basis of fennel.

Well dill water removes spasms in intestines. It can both be bought in pharmacy, and to prepare in house conditions. If feeding of the child comes from small bottles, then it is necessary to get a special antikolikovy bottle. It will reduce swallowing air by the kid.

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