How to impart to children of the rule of conduct in public places

How to impart to children of the rule of conduct in public places

If you do not want to redden for the child, walking with him on the street, visiting shops or using public transport, try to explain him rules and standards of cultural behavior. Remember that it is long process therefore the earlier you will begin training, the better.

Secrets of inoculation of rules of conduct to children

The most important secret which should be remembered and applied is actually very simple: become for the child a good example. If the kid sees that mom throws garbage on the road, but not in a ballot box, it will be difficult for it to explain why it has to arrive differently. The same concerns impolite communication with people around, unwillingness to give way to the elderly person or the pregnant woman. Children in many respects copy behavior of parents, and their sharp-sighted eyes notice even details to which you do not pay attention.

Never read long notations and you do not shout at the child if he does something is not right. Otherwise the risk is high that he either will begin to hate standards of behavior, or will begin to do everything to spite. Use simpler receptions. For example, if the kid throws a candy wrapper on the earth, tell: "Oh, as it became ugly, it is even unpleasant to go. Let's find better a ballot box and we will throw out garbage there". In kindergarten, shop and other institutions remind the child that it is necessary to greet, and welcome people with a smile. One might say: "When you greet and smile to the person, it lightens the mood to both of you. Do you want people to be more joyful?"

Use playful way of training. Make houses small toy shop, deliver "goods", and let dolls, hares or bears shop. Show to the child contrast between a polite doll which greets the seller and behaves decently, and a silly leveret on which shouts other "buyers" turn around and for whom mom doe hare should redden. Several such examples will help the kid to understand well how it is necessary to behave in public places.

How to teach the child to behave culturally

Try to explain to the child that in the public place it is necessary to behave so that not to disturb other people. If the kid climbed in boots on a seat in the bus, remind him that then this place will be taken by other person and it by all means will spoil the clothes as the seat will be soiled. Explain to the child, as he can appear then in a similar unpleasant situation. At last, explaining to the child of the rule of conduct, do not forget that nevertheless you deal not with the adult. Kids sometimes want to jump on one leg, to run about, play on the street. They can talk too loudly or be late for a long time at a show-window of shop, considering some thing. If the child does not pass line, do not straighten out him constantly and do not turn into the silent, killed little adult.

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