How to improve immunity to the child

How to improve immunity to the child

The immune system of children develops gradually and only by 5-6 years reaches the adult's level. It is connected with slow formation of own immunoglobulins which protect an organism from various infections and viruses. Therefore the immunity of children needs to be supported and strengthened in various ways.


1. The immunity of the child, as well as adult person, is present at different levels. For example, palatal tonsils belong to bodies of lymphatic system. In them the lymphocytes protecting an organism from various pathogenic microorganisms are formed. Therefore for preservation of this function warn catarrhal diseases at children, and at their emergence you carry out full treatment. And for prevention of frequent colds temper the child the sun, water, air, massage and gymnastics or charging.

2. For increase in immunity at the child support normal secretion of a stomach as bactericidal effect of gastric juice is capable to disinfect and suppress the pathogenic bacteria getting into a stomach with food. For this purpose organize to the child the healthy nutrition which is not breaking work of digestive tract.

3. Surely do the child's diet balanced and various, with the sufficient content of proteinaceous food – meat, fish, fermented milk products, vegetable and fruit purees and juice, various porridges. It will fill an organism of the kid with necessary and useful substances which deficiency can lead to violation of sekretorny function of a stomach.

4. Not less significant protective barrier are intestines. Thanks to lactic bacteria, bifidobacteria in walls of intestines there is a production of own interferon – the albumen increasing immunity. Therefore from first year of life of the kid take measures for prevention of dysbacteriosis. For this purpose besides create to the child healthy food, daily consumption of kefir or sour milk (for the night), moderate consumption of sweets and bakery products and an exception of harmful and artificial products.

5. To improve immunity of the child give it two times a year polyvitamins, temper and do not allow overcooling during the periods of cold snaps. Preserve the kid against various radiations - the TV, the computer and the other equipment and also inhalation of smoke of tobacco and other toxic substances. These negative factors are capable to reduce immunity of the child considerably.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team