How to get rid of old things

How to get rid of old things

Things are in the habit to collect, and quite often this process lasts decades. Timely disposal of old things releases the place in cabinets and storerooms, as a result the house is cleaned from stagnant negative energy which accumulates in obsolete things.


1. Define order of disposal of the bothered things. It is possible to throw out every day things which are actually not necessary, and to which the look has fallen at present. It is possible to arrange "unloading" days, and it is possible to make the list of excess things in the house in advance and to try to interview acquaintances whether something is necessary for them something like that.

2. Begin unloading of the house with the place where things on long storage are put. The thing will not become more necessary from what lies for years without use. If in the house there are things which are simply pleasant to be stored, but they do not find the place in daily use, put them in one cabinet, and it is better in one box.

3. Get rid of the large-size things which are especially broken: so in the house rather free space is formed. Global cleaning in clothes will allow to reveal set of things which is really necessary and also to understand what it in fact does not get. Do not forget to clear away the storeroom and balcony: there absolutely useless things are in the habit to accumulate.

4. Define ways which you will leave excess clothes if there is no desire to use old things somehow in a new way. The good clothes can be transferred to other people: it is possible to distribute something to friends, to bring some things to social shelter or church. It is possible to throw out on thing garbage can too differently. You should not dump everything that comes to hand in one bag. And if thing really quite good, it is possible to put accurately it aside - so that it was evident.

5. Deal with the old equipment. It is reasonable to bring the working duplicates of the devices which are available in the house to the dacha or to offer acquaintances for the same purposes. Get rid of the broken equipment standing for years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team