How to improve the speech of the child

How to improve the speech of the child

One of the key moments of development of the child is full possession of the speech. For each age there are standards. If the kid badly talks, you should not despair, there are special exercises, carrying out which it is possible "get to talking the taciturn person".

It is required to you

  • Puzzles, mosaic, plasticine, children's books


1. Communicate with the child, in detail answer his questions, do not get off with interjections and terse offers. Discuss with him what was seen, ask it to share the impressions. Active family communication will help the kid to master quicker speech skills, especially if in family there are senior children. Friendship with peers also helps expansion of a lexicon.

2. Ask the child questions, specify that he wanted to tell. Do not carry out desire of the kid, guessing them on gestures, otherwise at it motivation will not invest the thoughts with words. Do not imitate baby talk. The child has to hear the competent speech and study the correct pronunciation.

3. The games developing fine motor skills are very useful to little taciturn persons to improvement of the speech. Designers, puzzles, a mosaic, a molding from plasticine – these fascinating classes positively influence a speech development of the child. Do to the kid finger-type gymnastics: mass each finger, accompanying exercise with cheerful poems (forty - the thief).

4. Read to the child of the book aloud as often as possible. Children's reading has to be various: verses, fairy tales, stories, children's encyclopedias. It will allow to expand a lexicon of the child and will make the speech of more expressive. Discuss read, ask to retell a plot by the own words. Such reading will become conscious and will bring the greatest benefit!

5. You learn by heart verses, songs and tongue twisters. Similar classes train memory, improve diction and also help the child to learn accurately and to speak beautifully. There are special verses for a speech development, read and repeat them together with the child.

6. At problems with pronunciation there are simple exercises which will help to improve the children's speech. They are enough to be done 5-10 minutes a day. Ask the child to do the following manipulations: - to lick language an upper lip; - to click language as the horse clinks hooves; - to open widely a mouth and to reach language upper teeth. As a result the mobility of speech bodies will improve and the bridle will stretch.

7. If problems with the speech rather serious, the child practically does not speak or does not utter the majority of sounds, ask for the help the logopedist. The expert will examine the child and will pick up to him the individual program of classes.

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