How to influence the person at distance

How to influence the person at distance

Working techniques of impact on the person are a secret behind seven seals at a great distance. And it is clear, such influence is one of the most effective ways of manipulation with consciousness. Despite closeness of this subject, some information on similar methods of influence after all it is possible to find in open access.

All methods of remote impact on the person can be divided into two categories: technical and mental. In the first case the radiation of psychothrone generators is used, but their influence allows to cause only in the person certain emotions, no more than that. To order to the person to perform some specific action by this method it is not possible yet.

For this reason influence at distance by use special mental the technician is of the greatest interest.

Use of ISS

One of the most interesting directions of remote impact on the person is connected with use of ISS ‒ the changed conditions of consciousness. The operator who had special training takes the place on a convenient couch in the soundproof room. The soft weak lighting promoting a relaxation is used.

Having relaxed and having entered a trance, the operator can be connected to subconsciousness of the person interesting him remotely. As connection happens at the level of subconsciousness, no resistance of consciousness occurs. As a result the operator can consider any information interesting him or give to the person a task to perform a certain operation. The main complexity of this technique is training of operators – people with high abilities very little. Actually, the number of experts of such level is estimated in units. Besides, it is possible to inspire not any action. In particular, any suggestions directed to physical abuse will not work. That is it is impossible, for example, to force the person to commit suicide. Therefore this method is used for collection of information and suggestion some enough simple actions. For example, it is possible to force the person to make a trip to a certain country. To employ someone, to sign the contract, etc. Any actions which are not contrary to outlook of the person, its moral values can be initiated.

Influence through dreams

One of the most difficult, but effective methods is rendering impact on the person through his dreams. Use of conscious dreams is the cornerstone of a technique of influence. Impact is made as follows: it is necessary to enter a conscious dream, for this purpose there are methods. At the same time the person on whom impact will be made also has to sleep at this time. Snovidets finds the person necessary to it in a dream that too is not simple – sprighta, snovidenny illusory images usually meet. Snovidtsu needs to find the real person – that is his thin body. Suggestion is carried out so: it is necessary to approach the person interesting you, to seize him with the left hand by a neck and a nape behind, and a thumb of the right hand to press in the center of a forehead and to accurately say a suggestion phrase. It should be noted, as in this case it is impossible to initiate any actions, destructive for the person. At the same time, the suggestions directed for the good to the most this person well are successful. For example, this way it is possible to help it to leave off smoking, drink, use drugs. It is possible to force to treat kindly well other people, etc. any installation which is not posing a direct threat for the person Will be executed. Certainly, use of conscious dreams at distance is available to influence only to snovidets with the wide experience sometimes estimated decades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team